and the Winner is:

Happy 4th of July!

America’s Independence Day seemed like the appropriate time to unveil the winner of our Bling Your E-collar contest. For many people and their dogs e-collar training has added a level of freedom they did not think possible.

Thank you to Caitrin and her dog Tulip for the inspiration to start this contest and to everyone who participated. We had some awesome entries!! You can take a look at the pics on the I Love My E-collar and So Does My Dog Facebook page. A very creative bunch of folks out there! I’ll be sending a goodie box to the pooch who sports the winning entry.

Thank you also to those who donated to our prize package: That’s My Dog! Inc. On The Ball K9, Michigan Dog Trainer, K9 Transformations, Follow Me Dog Training, and Dogtra Company. Because of your generosity a Non-profit Shelter of the Winner’s Choice will be receiving $700.00 to help with their homeless animals.

With no further ado:




  • Thanks Robin for hosting this fun contest. Not only has the remote collar training system given dogs much freedom but for many it also was a last step before being surrendered to a shelter and put down, that with the right training didn’t need to be.

    Hopefully, with education such as this fun contest, the word will get out that not only does the remote collar give owners new humane options but it can be part of early training to obtain reliability and freedom rather than as a last resort tool.

    • Thanks Michael. It was great to see everyone’s creativity and nice for participants to be able to celebrate their success. I also hope word continues to get out. We both know the tool is not magic but with proper training is can do wonders and provide dogs and owners amazing possibility.

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