Bling Your “Shock Collar” Contest

I know you love your e-collar and I know your dog does too. I know you’ve taken the time to educate yourself on how to use the remote collar properly and the enhanced relationship you now have with your dog is self evident.

We both know the reality of how awesome this tool is when it is applied properly. So I’m thinking it is a good time to stand up and demonstrate that pride!

Announcing: “Bling Your E-collar” Month.

Which means we have to have a contest. Now through the end of June, you post a photo of your dog’s blinged out e-collar on the I Love My E-collar Facebook page, include your dog’s name in the posting (include best way to contact you if you win). My company will keep tabs of all entries and place them in a random drawing. All entries must be in by midnight July 1st, 2013 with winner announced on July 4th. 2013

Not on Facebook? send a photo of the blinged e-collar and your dog’s name to

Now here’s why it’s worth it, The winning dog gets a goodie box of toys, treats and cool dog gear and you get to pick your favorite local non-profit dog shelter or rescue to which I will donate $100.00 and my good friend Summer from On The Ball K9 Training has offered to toss in another $50.00. So that’s a goodie box for your dog and much needed cash for some of our canine friends in need.

The inspiration for this idea goes to another friend and colleague, Renée from Follow Me Dog Training who sent me pictures of her client’s e-collar all dressed up. Renée started working with Caitrin and her dog, Tulip (pictured above) in April of this year. Tulip was having some pretty significant issues, including serious dog fights with the other dog who shared the household.

This is what Caitrin had to say about Renée after going through only 3 private lessons: “You’ve made our life amazing so far and I’d have paid quadruple if I knew this is where it was heading… so we will just keep preaching your name. :)”

and this is what Caitrin wrote about her two dogs who could now get along in peace rather than fight: “A wagging tongue-lolling Dexter just lazily chased a low speed, happy-eared, wiggle-butted, toy-holding Tulip past the porch. Ha Ha. I called for quits and they did and both pranced over to me, shoulder to shoulder for petting.”

Caitrin is proud of all that Tulip has learned and obviously has a positive attitude about the e-collar as one of the training tools that helped accomplish those goals.



So for those of you who love your e-collar it is officially, “BLING YOUR E-COLLAR” Month!


Post the photo of your dog’s blinged out e-collar on the I Love My E-collar Facebook page (include best way to contact you) and you’ll be entered to win cool dog stuff and a donation for your favorite dog charity. Winning photo will be posted here on July 4th, Independence Day!!


  • we got e-collars about about 2 months ago and couldn’t be happier. we got them for Maggie Mae & Murphy for the use of keeping them in the yard when they were let out to use the bathroom. they used to get a wild hair and run all over town. we were afraid they would get ran over bc we live in “oil country” ND. Anyway, after maybe 2 times of using the collar they have learned if they have the collar on that they stay in the yard and in our sight. I used to be against the ecollars but now i’m a true believer that it can be a great tool if used properly. It is not cruel to give them guidelines on what u want them to do…:-) Sincerely, Denise

  • Kim Gambino of K9 Transformations in Pennsylvania just added another $100.00 to the shelter donation, so that brings our total to $250.00 that will be donated to a non-profit shelter or rescue of the winners choice!!


  • What a cool idea! I’m not the crafty kind of gal but we will give it a go! Definitely sharing 🙂

    • and nothing says it has to be done with a glue gun. If you can sew…let’s see what you’ve got…using stickers, lol, no problem…want to decorate just the collar strap…go wild!…personally I have plans for my Transmitter! 🙂

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