Dog Training Client Testimonials

Robin is one of the best dog trainers you’ll ever find. Your dog will be both happier and more reliable once you’ve used Robin’s techniques.

Adam Katz Author of over 10 dog training books and Editor of December 21, 2016

Robin absolutely opened my eyes on the use of the e collar. Her simplicity to teach and ability to help you achieve your goals are one of the main characteristics I valued from her. She taught me how useful is to have the tool to correct the dog without being invasive. She is so clear Continue Reading

Maria José Rivera Dog Balance Lima, Peru December 21, 2016

I attend the retrieve workshop in March 2015 (hosted by Summer Milroy from On The Ball K9 Training). I felt that Robin was an excellent teacher! I am an educator and the teaching techniques that Robin used are the exact techniques I use in the classroom. She gave us a short whole group lesson, then Continue Reading

Michelle with Lady Denton, TX December 21, 2016

I was wanting to work with Robin for some time but thought me being in Australia would have been a problem. After speaking to Robin about what I wanted to learn she set a plan in place for me. I was so happy I was going to get taught the trained retrieve by Robin. Robin Continue Reading

James Maturana Australia December 21, 2016

Thank you so much Robin for educating me In Remote Collar training through your E-cademy professional dog trainers course. I learned so much from you and your team. I have never met anyone that can explain training as well as you can. You are an exceptional trainer and so are your staff members. When I Continue Reading

Cary Justin San Francisco, CA December 21, 2016

Hey Robin, You helped me train my big lab Bruno on the shock collar via email and your DVD just right, and featured me on your blog. Just thought I’d let you know his doing great I don’t even use the collar anymore. Anyways just wanted to let you know I have referred your site Continue Reading

Stefano Dalla Rosa Melbourne, Australia December 21, 2016

Before I met Robin you could describe me is a dog trainer enthusiast. Shortly after I trained with her I was able to help people with their dogs where other trainers had little or no success. Other trainers that took the course with me were very accomplished trainers and she was able to help us Continue Reading

Joel Rouncville Athabasca, AB December 21, 2016

Robin — Thank you for challenging me to be the most interesting thing to my dog! Although I came to your fetch workshop expecting to learn a few new tricks, I left with an entire toolkit of skills that are continuing to help me improve my relationship with my dog. It’s incredibly rewarding to see Continue Reading

Amanda Slavin Denton, TX December 21, 2016

I recently attended Robin MacFarlane’s retrieve workshop and wish I had this tool years ago when I was a police K9 officer training the force retrieve. With Robin’s methodology I was able to do in 2 ½ days which use to take me 3-4 weeks using the old method. If anyone wants to learn a Continue Reading

Randy Adams December 21, 2016

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic E- Cademy experience. Three days after returning to Fort Wayne and to Flying Colors Canine Academy, my bosses husband was seriously injured. She was unable to return to work for nearly three weeks. The knowledge and experience I gained from you allowed me to immediately get to Continue Reading

Amber Williams Indiana December 21, 2016

The E-academy was really worth the investment of time and money. It was difficult to be away from my business for the 10 days, but I am so glad I did. I am already using the things I learned, and I have only been back a week. Robin has so much knowledge about dog training Continue Reading

Judy Leonardis Chicago,IL December 21, 2016

Hey Robin! I truly can not Thank you enough. You have changed my life, my dogs life and many lives to follow. I have only been home a week and I can not tell you how many light bulbs have gone off for my dog and I. The huge holes I came to the seminar Continue Reading

Christina Wade Germany December 21, 2016

With a lot of hesitation, I left my head trainer position at a training facility after 10 years. I absolutely loved working with the dogs and teaching the owners. It was my life. I just thought there was more out there to learn. For 10 years I had only studied under one person, that being Continue Reading

Nicole Finizio Philadelphia, PA January 1, 2017