Professional Dog Trainer Testimonials

Robin has been teaching dog trainer continuing education courses since 2002. She is an expert in the application of e-collar training techniques. Her work has helped large dog training companies as well as sole proprietors. Groups, including service dog organizations, K9 handlers, sports clubs, and professional organizations, have enlisted Robin as an instructor to help their trainers better understand this tool and grow their skill set.

In 2022 Robin joined the Partnership for Electronic Training Technology as a senior consultant. She assists PETT as a liaison between the major e-collar manufacturers and the professional training community. This collaborative effort is critical for the long-term welfare of training tools. Professional dog trainers must be able to maintain choice in their use of tools so that they can assist each dog/handler team with options that fit their skill level and desired lifestyle. It is essential to use e-collars properly, speak intelligently about them, and instruct pet owners in their use.

This is the driving passion behind Robin’s curriculum. Her goal is to assist individuals in becoming better trainers and instructors so that they can, in turn, provide their clients with better outcomes. The combination of training skills AND effective instructional skills is a powerful duo that increases a professional trainer’s bottom line. Professional trainers that have taken Robin’s Train the Trainer course routinely report they have doubled their income within a few months after working with her.

Robin’s E-cademy, Train-the-Trainer program summarized in one word – Amazing!  I filled a notebook with enough “ah ha” moments on day one to recognize this investment paid for itself.  This course is perfect for both pet dog trainers looking to expand their e-collar knowledge and trainers new to the e-collar wanting to take their training and business to the next level. Robin communicated in a way that was instructional for both newer and seasoned trainers. We worked hands on with… Read more “Robin’s E-cademy program summarized in one word – Amazing!”

Maureen May

I’m so grateful for this experience with Robin. It’s not just that it’s great information, because it is, it’s the fact that I walked away feeling incredibly empowered and motivated to replicate the information and skills that I learned both with dogs and human clients. I feel like I’m a better teacher for it. Everything was broken down into clear and simple instructions. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn about the e-collar. Whether you’ve got prior… Read more “Improved Instructing Skills!”

Meg Clairborne

Robin MacFarlane’s E-cademy course is the best hands on program for dog trainers to learn and increase their skills with positive reinforced E-collar training. As a business owner, it is a program I want all my trainers to attend. Not only will they come back more skilled and knowledgeable about E-collar training, but all aspects of training, including successfully teaching clients, running group classes and completing evaluations. If you have dog trainers that work for you, they should take this… Read more “Employee Training”

Kendra Sandoval

I have taught dog training for over 20 years, competed in various dog sports, and have used e-collars with my dogs primarily for fieldwork. Viewing Robin’s E-Collar Training DVDs sparked my interest in her Train-the-Trainer E-Cademy. Going in I was fairly confident that it would advance my knowledge and skills, but I didn’t expect to end up wishing the course had been available 20 years ago. Besides invaluable training skills, the course provided a deeper dive into the technology and… Read more “Ted Ridley”

Ted Ridley (Ontario, Canada)

Please allow this letter to serve as a recommendation for Robin MacFarlane. I have known Robin since 2003. This was shortly after I retired from law enforcement during which time I handled a police K9 dog for 10 years and supervised the K9 Unit for 10 years. Obviously I knew something about dogs and their training but having had the opportunity to work with her has taught me more about dogs, training and how to modify their behavior than I… Read more “Brian Berg”

Brian Berg

I came out of the E/cademy week with Robin with a deeper understanding of remote collars and best practices for both using them and teaching clients to use them. It was also extremely helpful to see how Robin structures her business and gave me tons of great ideas about how to improve the services I offer and potentially expand in the future. Her and her team are very knowledgeable and friendly and it was a pleasure to spend the week… Read more “Nikki DeLuca”

Nikki DeLuca

I had the privilege to work for Robin in the past. So when it came time to better educate my own staff in dog training techniques, especially e collar, I knew Robin was the one to call. Robin came and spent the weekend with myself and my staff members at my facility and it was certainly an invaluable time. She is really the “Trainers trainer”. We all learned so much, and the feedback she gave helped us shape our skills… Read more “Jen Westrate”

Jen Westrate

Robin isn’t just a Dog Whisperer, but is a People Whisperer. You can’t get a better teacher. I have trained under several e-collar pros. I keep coming back to Robin for my continuing… Read more “Will Bangura”

Will Bangura

With a lot of hesitation, I left my head trainer position at a training facility after 10 years. I absolutely loved working with the dogs and teaching the owners. It was my life. I just thought there was more out there to learn. For 10 years I had only studied under one person, that being my boss. He did teach me a lot. The remote training collar was the main piece of equipment we used. We would use other tools… Read more “Nicole Finizio”

Nicole Finizio

Hey Robin! I truly can not Thank you enough. You have changed my life, my dogs life and many lives to follow. I have only been home a week and I can not tell you how many light bulbs have gone off for my dog and I. The huge holes I came to the seminar with are filled and all the questions I had that were holding me back and frustrating me are gone. I went from frustrated, too complex… Read more “Christina Wade”

Christina Wade

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic E- Cademy experience. Three days after returning to Fort Wayne and to Flying Colors Canine Academy, my bosses husband was seriously injured. She was unable to return to work for nearly three weeks. The knowledge and experience I gained from you allowed me to immediately get to work and keep things moving. I was able to jump in and start 6 day train dogs, handling classes, and Puppy group class. I just… Read more “Amber Williams”

Amber Williams

Before I met Robin you could describe me is a dog trainer enthusiast. Shortly after I trained with her I was able to help people with their dogs where other trainers had little or no success. Other trainers that took the course with me were very accomplished trainers and she was able to help us all, new or seasoned. Open a book and start reading…this is the same simplicity that Robin reads dogs with. Myself and my wife will always… Read more “Joel Rouncville”

Joel Rouncville

Thank you so much Robin for educating me In Remote Collar training through your E-cademy professional dog trainers course. I learned so much from you and your team. I have never met anyone that can explain training as well as you can. You are an exceptional trainer and so are your staff members. When I brought Skippy to your academy with me I knew he would progress but he has made a complete turn around. We are thinking his family… Read more “Cary Justin”

Cary Justin

I was wanting to work with Robin for some time but thought me being in Australia would have been a problem. After speaking to Robin about what I wanted to learn she set a plan in place for me. I was so happy I was going to get taught the trained retrieve by Robin. Robin set up schedule for the training and then we began talking more on Skype to go over the pre requisites and process of the trained… Read more “James Maturana”

James Maturana

Robin absolutely opened my eyes on the use of the e collar. Her simplicity to teach and ability to help you achieve your goals are one of the main characteristics I valued from her. She taught me how useful is to have the tool to correct the dog without being invasive. She is so clear on the use of the e collar that she broke every myth I could have, and clear up every question I got from the e… Read more “Maria José Rivera”

Maria José Rivera

Robin is one of the best dog trainers you’ll ever find. Your dog will be both happier and more reliable once you’ve used Robin’s… Read more “Adam Katz”

Adam Katz