Happy New Year!

Time to toss the old calendar and get ready to ring in a whole new year. The earth kept rotating and somehow we’ve made it through 2012 despite the predictions of impending doom.

Here at The Truth About Shock Collars we’ve continued on as well and it has been a good year. Let’s peak back at a few of the highlights:

Success stories from those who decided to give remote collar dog training a try.

A few laughs at the absurdity of “reward what you want and ignore all else” as the best dog behavior building philosophy.

An insider’s view on the dos and don’t of how to use a remote dog training collar.

and a bit of healthy debate on our most commented “shock collar” blog to date!

I was also very happy to begin a Professional Dog Trainers referral network this past year. If you are interested in learning more about remote collars and how they may be used to help reach your dog training goals, please look here to find a trainer in your area.

so as we fondly say farewell to last year and move forward let me fill you in on a few of the thoughts and goals for 2013.

I hope to add more instructional material. Having this tool in my hand daily for many years means taking some things for granted. Most notably by assuming everyone understands the basics of how to use a remote collar…but the volume and type of questions I receive has reminded me to not get tired of spreading the message of understanding the foundational elements needed to train successfully. So you’ll be hearing and seeing more of that. If you have a particular question please send it to me.  (note: The more specific the question the greater the likelihood I can answer succinctly in a blog post, broad questions are far more difficult to delve into)

I hope also to share more of your stories, so please send those as well. If you’ve added this tool to your dogs training routine, please share your insights and stories with us. Your experiences are valuable! particularly for helping others who are looking for information and considering this option for training. If adding a remote training collar has helped you have a better relationship with your dog,  helped you achieve goals you didn’t think possible and you know your dog is not adversely affected by this tool…please help me share your message with others.

Finally I hope to post more regularly. My goal is 1x week. So that should be 52 blog posts by this time next year!  I fell behind in the last few months of 2012….but that was only due to the incredible volume of training we were doing at That’s My Dog!…I just couldn’t keep up with it all. However, the TMD goals are being set to help accommodate this site and the commitment to continue providing educational outreach services.

Thank you all for the continued support and conversation.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!


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