Remote Collar Dog Training with Robin MacFarlane: Just Right Volume 1 & 2 (Streaming)


Robin MacFarlane began professionally training dogs in 1994. In 2000 she turned her attention to the specialization of training with remote collars. Since that time, she has traveled extensively teaching companion pet owners and professional trainers the advantages that appropriate electronic collar training can provide. 

Just Right Vol 1 & 2 are her original works that brought e-collar training into the companion pet owners home. Shot in 2008 & 2009 Robin broke the mold by insisting on using untrained, green dogs in her videos rather than previously trained, perfectly behaved dogs. Her insistence on using untrained dogs is what has helped so many pet owners gain confidence that they could replicate the techniques and gain positive results with their own pets. 

Now available through streaming, these videos have helped thousands of dogs and their owners enjoy more fun and freedom together. They can help you too!

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Just Right Vol 1 was shot with shelter dogs that had no known training experience. Viewers will see footage shot in real time so they can better understand potential problems they may face with their own dogs when using am e-collar. Just Right Vol 1 explains how to introduce your dog to an electronic collar and teach the foundation skills needed for a happy, well-adjusted companion dog. 

This video incorporates a remote training collar for these issues:

  • Have your dog come when called
  • Have your dog walk nicely on leash
  • Stop your dog from jumping on people
  • Teach your dog to remain quietly in one place
  • Stopping nuisance barking

Just Right Volume 2  builds off of the skills from Volume 1.
Dogs used in this video where client dogs enrolled in Robin’s training program in Dubuque, IA. This video expands on the Volume 1 e-collar conditioning by adding obedience skills including; Sit, Down (stay implied) and Place in the mist of real world environments. 




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