Vision Statement for My Dog


Vision Statement for My Dog | Free Download

Everyone wants to have a well behaved dog. But all too often dog owners fall short of that dream and end up living with naughty, and sometimes dangerous, pooches. It’s a lot of work to fix problem dog behavior once it is established and can be heartbreaking if things don’t work out.

 The good news is that most problems can be avoided!

If you have a new puppy (or newly adopted dog) one of the best things you can do to start building a great relationship is come up with a clear plan to teach your pup what you expect. That plan starts with putting your goals down on paper so the vision you have for your dog’s future can become a reality.

Robin’s vision statement takes you through a series of clarifying questions that help you think about what you really want from your dog. Once you know what you want, you’ll do a much better job training for it and prevent problems from getting started to begin with.

Start right now by downloading this FREE Vision Statement for your dog!



Vision Statement for My Dog | Free Download

Robin’s Vision Statement helps you think about developing life-long GOOD habits with your dog. You will answer a series of questions that help you plan for what you want from your dog rather than leaving things to chance and then having to fix problems later in life.

For instance:
Perhaps you have old furniture now and don’t care about dirt and dog hair being on it, but if you get new furniture will the dog still be allowed on it?

You might think jumping on you is cute and funny when your puppy only weights fifteen pounds, but will it still be cute and funny when Fido weighs seventy pounds and jumps on you or other people?

Maybe you feel sorry for your newly adopted dog and allow him to chew on an old shoe for comfort and entertainment…but will it be tolerated if he grabs your new leather boots and chews them up?

Questions like this help you realize that it’s easier to start right out with rules you’re willing to live with long term rather than have to change and fix things later in your dog’s life.

Dogs don’t know the difference between the old and the new.  They don’t easily understand that rules can change or why they might change. They are simply developing habits based on what is allowed. Developing habits takes time. And changing habits can take even longer, so it is easier to start with good end goals in mind.

The fun of creating a Vision Statement for your dog is that there are no absolute right or wrong answers. You (and your household) get to choose what you want, so have fun!

…and then get started training and build a great dog and great relationship!!


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