Professional Dog Trainer Course

The next professional dog trainer course is going to be held October 12th – 22nd. The 10 day E-cademy program is geared specifically toward those dog training professional who want to learn more about incorporating e-collar training into their training business.

Since 2002 this immersion program has helped individuals to hone their training skills and greatly enhance their coaching capabilities. The curriculum weighs heavily on practical application, rather than just theory. Participants gain significant hands on experience working with a wide variety of dogs of varying temperament. Cases range from basic obedience to complex behavioral issues.

Robin’s many years of experience, not only with a variety of training techniques, but also her animal health background create an ideal learning opportunity to understand how remote training works in conjunction with other tools and a “whole dog” approach. While attending the E-cademy program, students witness first hand, both private and group lessons as well as work with day training and board & train dogs. Students also get considerable instruction on the “how to” of successfully coaching pet owners to carry through and achieve their goals. The hands on learning, plus instruction of how to more efficiently operate the day to day of a dog training, daycare and boarding operation has helped many trainers greatly accelerate their business potential.

The 10 day course is held at That’s My Dog! Inc in Dubuque, IA and limited to 5 participants to ensure the best possible learning experience and one to one time training personally with Robin.

Check here more information about the professional dog trainer course  or e-mail for complete curriculum.


  • I am a retired person seeking personal enrichment. I have no illusion of becoming a dog trainer. Annalissa has trained me and my one dog. I am fascinated with it. Do you have any courses for this kind of learning?
    Thanks, Jerry Porter and Snuffy.

    • Hi Jerry,

      I do a 3 day “Dog Camp” weekend. That is a great course for owners and enthusiasts. We cover a variety of topics: drives, health/nutrition, games and how to play to build better behavior, a few tricks, plus some basic e-collar work. Lots of fun and information!
      I’m planning to do some courses in the south this winter and then more up here in Iowa spring/summer 2016.
      I’ll announce here and on my That’s My Dog! Newsletter also.

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