Remote collar training can work for fearful and anxious dogs: ya just gotta know how to do it.

remote collar dog training

A remote collar is not magic.

I say that just about every time I meet with someone for a dog training evaluation. And then I explain what it can do for enhancing the dog and owner relationship if used properly. The key being, it must be used with knowledge.

Electronic collars are not one of those tools that someone can purchase and  “do it yourself”. At least most people will not be successful because the commonly held perception is that you put the remote collar on the dog and “shock the dog” when they are being “naughty” or “bad”.

That idea is absolutely the opposite of how to train a dog with a remote collar.

I think that is one of the things that Sammi’s owners learned when they trained with us. That this tool is only a tool. It does not replace the need to teach, to practice, to exude calm leadership and to use various forms of praise and rewards for all the things the dog is doing right.

What the remote collar can do through (when used with the right knowledge) is make the communication between dog and owner much clearer.

It will reduce frustration with both the dog and the owner and it will speed up the learning and allow for faster results. And for those who think faster doesn’t matter….tell that to the people who are considering giving up their dogs cause they don’t think they can make it work any longer. Fast would of mattered to all those dogs who have been relinquished to shelters cause the human didn’t believe there were any options left.

Case in point below when another trainer said that Sammi was probably un-adoptable.

Fast matters. So does knowledge. If you are considering using a remote collar to train your dog take time to really learn how train with the equipment. After that you will never look back, you will have crossed over to real freedom, real results and a much happier relationship with your dog.



Matt and I wanted to thank THATS MY DOG for the remarkable training that we received for our German Shepherd, Sammi. Sammi is a rescue
that we adopted at 8 months old , and we realized quickly she had behavior issues. She was aggressive, would bite,  jump up and knock us down.We could not have visitors in our home because Sammi was hostile.  She would not obey any commands. Sammi was confrontational and hostile toward our four young grandchildren and could not be allowed in the house when they visited. She would not stay off the furniture and bed, and would become vicious if we tried to get her off. She often blocked doorways and stairs, growling and baring teeth if we tried to pass by.

We enrolled Sam in obedience school and she did not do well .We were told we should surrender Sammi and that she was possibly unadoptable. Our next step was to purchase an electronic collar. We had no clue how to use it properly and it did not help Sammi’s behavioral problems. We were at the point that we didn’t know what to do and realized we might have to give Sammi up. We were frustrated, angry, sad, scared and tired.

A neighbor mentioned THATS MY DOG. We called and had our free evaluation with Robin. She said Sam was “reactive” and fearful and that she could help us. We had doubts but were willing to try. Kelly was our trainer. Every week she would walk us through the lessons and give us homework to do with Sammi. If we had issues or questions during the week we were encouraged to call Kelly. She was very patient, knowledgeable, and confident. We loved her and so did Sammi.

Learning to use the e-collar properly took some effort…we quickly began to see results.  Sammi tested boundaries often, but as we learned to consistently use the remote collar, Sammi realized what was expected of her. We also learned PLACE and it has been so useful when Sam is overexcited and anxious. We learned that the word OFF replaced a hundred other phrases. We learned not to yell at Sammi, instead let the collar remind her of what she had learned.

We never believed, even after we began to see progress with Sammi, that she would be capable of off leash. Sammi used to drag us on walks, bark at everything. It  was not a pleasant experience so we quit walking her. Now Sam and I walk every morning and she is in  a perfect heel position with no leash….and me looking at her proudly and saying THATS MY DOG !!!!!!!!

Our four grandchildren come often now….and Sammi is loving, playful and gentle with all of them including the 2 year old…who likes to tug Sam’s ears and lay on her back. There are not enough ways to thank Robin and Kelly for all they have taught us. We know without a doubt that learning how to properly use the electronic collar to train Sammi saved her life. She is now happy, well behaved, and a  pleasure to have in our family. We thank you for that and for giving us a dog that other professionals never thought capable of such amazing obedience.

Matt and Kim Potter


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