Remote Collar Users: We’d like to hear your side of the story

Some of you may have heard of the petition proposed in Canada for the banning of electronic training equipment. On June 6th Libby Davies of East Vancouver submitted the proposal to Parliament.

I would like to think that common sense will prevail and there is little cause for concern. However, I am deeply aware this may not be the case.

Emotion is easy to sway and a passion to *do good* or be *part of a movement* can often get in the way of making rational choices.

Watch this rather unsettling video for an example of what I mean.

I’d like to encourage those of you who support the idea of choice regarding dog training tools to join this new Facebook page.

It is through strength in numbers I am hoping we can demonstrate to the world that limiting options is not in the best interest of our dogs. Please join and share you dog’s stories and photos.

To my Canadian readers, please contact Ms. Davies and express your opposition to this ban.
Libby Davies, House of Commons, Ottawa K1A 0A6 Tel (613) 992-6030 Fax: (613) 995-7412 Email:
2412 Main Street, Vancouver, V5T 3E2 Tel (604) 775-5800 Fax (604) 775-5811


2 thoughts on “Remote Collar Users: We’d like to hear your side of the story

  1. Sherree Olson says:

    We use e-collars and would not have it any other way. Our dogs are excited to see the collars come out. I was unsure at first, if truth be told. We have now trained 2 dogs using e-collars and That’s My Dog. Thank you to Robin and her staff for a PERFECT experience.

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