Training Clinic – Sioux City, IA


Join Robin for a workshop that will change the way you understand and work with your dog!

In this workshop you will participate with your personal dog as you gain a deeper understanding of how dogs think and learn. You’ll leave energized with fresh ideas on how to improve your dog’s behavior and minimize the problems that have been creating frustration for both you and furry friend.

This clinic is fun, informative and one day only, so sign up now!

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This full day workshop will improve the relationship you have with your dog though a fun and interactive combination of lecture material and hands on exercises

Participants will gain a better understanding of canine behavior, how dogs learn, what motivates their personal dog and how to work with and influence their dog to improve good behavior and minimize undesirable behaviors. 

Topics Include:

  • The difference between verbal and physical cues. How they affect your dog’s behavior and how to use each of them more effectively. 
  • Canine Body language – Understanding what your dog is trying to communicate to you, other people and other dogs. 
  • When and how to use rewards and corrections effectively to create a balanced and respectful partnership.
  • The critical aspect of timing and how to avoid mistakes in your training. 
  • Management protocols to implement right now so that your dog is no longer practicing behavior you don’t want.
  • A look at training tools. How various tools leverage your effectiveness and timing. Plus, how to not create dependency on any particular tool. 
  • A personalized drives assessment so you better understand why your dog does what he/she does and how to use their innate instincts to help improve behavior. 
  • Nutrition and health considerations that may affect your dog’s behavior.
  • How to teach the 3 behavioral skills that every well behaved dog should know


When: Saturday April 18th 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Where: Sioux City, Iowa.

Hosted by Patty Brockhaus of My Best Friend Grooming Salon. Workshop site will be determined when  registration closes based on number of participants attending. 

Fee: $175.00

Water, coffee and light snacks will be provided. Attendees can pack a lunch to eat on premises, or grab take out during our short 45 minute break time.

Sign up NOW.

Registration closes April 4th and is limited to 12 dog/handler teams.


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