Have a SHOCKINGLY Great Christmas

dog collars trainingok, so I couldn’t resist with the headline. Shame, shame… Santa should leave me a lump of coal!

Diva, Tom and I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy a few extra moments to play in the snow, (or at the beach if you’re one of our lucky warm climate friends!)

At this time of year it seems easier to remember that every day is a blessing. We hope those feelings carry through to each day of your coming year. Let your dogs make you laugh in times of doubt, snuggle up with them when you need a hug. And realize just how far they will actually go for you when you ask them to clean up the fruitcake so Aunt Jenny never has to know!

Cheers to you and scratches to your dogs.

Merry Christmas


(and Tommy & Diva who graciously agreed to let me dress them for the photo!)

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