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Investing in your canine companion’s education is essential for fostering a strong and harmonious bond. Our review page provides analyses from dog lovers just like you who have enrolled in our dog training courses. Take a look at what others have to say.

The Real Deal!

Robin’s E collar: Beyond the Basics Virtual Course was awesome! Those 6 weeks of learning from Robin was such a positive & rewarding investment for my future! I have followed Robin for years on social media and I have also invested in other on-line courses she offers. Robin is the real deal! Her way of teaching and guiding you through her training techniques are simply the best. If you have been wanting to learn how an Ecollar works and how… Read more “The Real Deal!”

Ecollar: Basic Obedience

Now I understand!

The way Robin calmly and professionally connects the dogs behaviour to the root cause and alway provides more than one option to train your pet is so helpful for a first time as well as an experienced owner. Thank you for this… Read more “Now I understand!”

Puppy Preschool
Jonathon Hunter

Game changer for our over-aroused pup

The training in these videos along with using the eCollar as instructed literally saved our relationship with our dog. We were dealing with a significant over-arousal issue with our 6mo Bernedoodle pup who was pulling severely, jumping on people, lunging at cars, chasing leaves, and a long list of behaviors making walks or greetings impossible with typical puppy training. Her underlying issue was extreme cortisol levels from allowing herself to become over excited that would make her unable to process… Read more “Game changer for our over-aroused pup”

Ecollar: Basic Obedience
Joe Jacob

A humane approach to ecollar training

I just finished your 5 DVD series on e-collar training and wanted to say thank you. I have a 5 month old lab who has been quick to learn but has recently become more independent minded while in the field and I’ve been worried about his safety for that reason. I was very reluctant to get an e-collar as I remember the ones from 50 years ago that my family had which were only used in a negative way to… Read more “A humane approach to ecollar training”

Ecollar: Basic Obedience, Pet Owners
Kevin Smith

Out of the fog and into the light!

I recently took Robin MacFarlane’s virtual Ecollar: Beyond the Basics course. I am so glad I took this course! It was like driving across the Golden Gate Bridge out of the fog and into the light. I am supercharged and full of confidence, knowledge, assurance, and positive real solutions to training dogs with an ecollar.  Robin’s ability to explain the use of an e-collar in training a dog to respond in a positive, calm, relaxed way is simply awesome. Any… Read more “Out of the fog and into the light!”

Professional Trainers
Cathy Joseph

Great resource!

I was hesitant to purchase this since it is a virtual course, however after realizing it was the same cost as one private lesson, I decided to give it a shot. It was well worth the money! If you’re like me, and a little hesitant to use an e-collar because you’re not sure if you’ll be doing it right, this course will be very valuable. I like things to be instructed in a step-wise fashion and Robin does that in… Read more “Great resource!”

Ecollar: Basic Obedience
Laura Goodson