In-person Private Dog Training

Why Choose a Pro?

In today’s data-driven environment, there are loads of “free” resources that claim to help you train your dog. But is it really free if it ends up being ineffective? How much is bad dog training advice going to cost you in lost time and enjoyment? And if the mistakes made turn out to be serious, can they be fixed?

It’s not worth the risk. Hiring a true dog training professional is an investment that will pay off for your dog’s lifetime. One that gives you an unending payback of good social behavior, reliable training responses, and polite manners. Training with Robin will improve your understanding of your dog and their needs, but most importantly, gives you an achievable plan for harmoniously living together.

Stay Training

A private board and train program is your pup’s ultimate dog training experience! Your dog lives with Robin and shares the same real-life adventures she takes with her dogs. This means an exclusive opportunity for your pup to learn, explore, and get a jump start on the same skills that enable her dogs to go hiking off-leash, visit outdoor cafes, or relax with friends at a BBQ or around the campfire.

Stay training is limited to one dog at a time and requires a minimum of a three-week stay. Owners from outside Robin’s Dubuque, IA location must commit to a 2-day stay when returning for their dog to complete their follow-up training.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the perfect option if you prefer the do-it-yourself learning model! Robin is an exceptional coach, making each lesson easy to understand and replicate. She will guide you through a step-by-step process and give you a practical plan that fits into your everyday routine. Lessons are typically 60 -90 minutes long and conducted over a series of weeks. However, out-of-area dog owners can consolidate lessons by staying on location in Dubuque, IA for several days.

The main difference between stay training and private lessons is the cost and time it takes to achieve your desired results. If you have the time to devote to the homework and want to minimize the cost, private lessons are for you.

What happens if you train with Robin?

  • Your dog’s obedience to the basic commands (Sit, Heel, Come, Place, Down, etc)  dramatically improves, even around distractions
  • You learn how to instill good manners and stop your dog from nuisance behaviors like jumping on people, not pawing and barking for attention, or teaching your dog to settle in a crate or at your feet.
  • A reliable recall becomes a reality!
  • You master the ability to play with your dog in a way that strengthens your bond with them AND builds better behavior.
  • You will develop an awareness of how diet and healthcare choices can impact your dog’s body and mind. This empowers you to make choices that improve your pup’s health and mental well-being
  • The learning journey you take will be supported not only through in-person assistance but also through video and written follow-up.
  • You will have someone in your corner who cares for your dog’s welfare and is committed to the process of helping you achieve the goal of having a well-mannered dog so you can enjoy many years of adventure together.

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