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Go Beyond the Basics and master remote collar training in a way that dramatically increases success with clients, lessens your training time and increases profit margin.

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional dog training, remote collars have become a popular tool. While many may understand how to push a button, few have mastered seamless integration of this modern technology to gain the edge in a competitive marketplace.

Ecademy Application

If you are considering learning more about remote collars, ask yourself:

  • Do you struggle to confidently speak about the advantages of remote collar training or worry that your clients may not use the tool correctly?
  • Would you like to improve the effectiveness of your lesson plans so your clients can achieve success more easily?
  • Have you wanted to learn about remote collar applications, but haven’t found a mentor whose philosophy about dogs and training aligns with your own?
  • Are you worried that using a remote collar will diminish the dog’s spirit or the mere mention of the tool will cause potential clients to seek services elsewhere?
  • Are you interested in enhancing your instructing skills and building a tribe of highly devoted clients?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, the Ecademy program is what you are looking for!

What is the Ecademy?

The Ecademy program had humble beginnings in 2002 when a few professional trainers asked Robin to teach them what she knew about using a remote collar. Through years of refinement, it grew into an immersive, hands-on learning experience that breaks down integration of remote training collars into a pet training program into three skills necessary for success:

Explaining, Training, and Coaching

Mastering the three pillars of articulating concepts, working skillfully with the dog, plus being able to transfer that knowledge and skill set to your client is what separates the average, from the exceptional.

If you’re looking to be exceptional, the Ecademy program is the right choice for you!

The flagship Ecademy program is an in-person, 40-hour, hands-on experience taught over five days. It is the perfect choice if you learn best through immediate hands-on feedback and the inspiration that evolves in a group dynamic.

New in 2024 is a virtual training option. The virtual course covers much of the same material but there are some differences due to the constraints of not being in person. The virtual option combines pre-recorded lectures and videos with 7 weeks of weekly coaching calls.

BOTH courses are taught by Robin. Both involve lectures, Robin demonstrating techniques, plus your participation in working with dogs. Virtual participants provide videos of their work and receive feedback on areas if improvement or steps for advancement

To learn more, please fill out the application. Robin will then contact you to determine which program is the best fit for your goals.

Ecademy Application

What will you learn?

  • Develop the ability to articulate the science and psychology behind remote collar use, empowering you to confidently discuss these concepts with your clients.
  • Increase your closing rate and improve your effectiveness as an instructor by practicing proven rapport building techniques. 
  • Develop subtle but powerful persuasion techniques that motivate clients to follow through and do their homework.
  • Feel confident knowing when the remote collar is or isn’t the best choice.
  • Master the skill of adapting e-collar applications to different situations, whether it’s routine obedience, addressing aggressive behaviors, or dealing with fear issues.
  • Identify how timing, cadence, and stimulation levels influence performance, and confidently demonstrate these concepts so that your clients can reproduce the same results.
  • Diversify your program offerings by identifying when and how to adjust the lesson plan so you can easily incorporate remote collars into board and train, day-training or private lesson formats.
  • Create happy, engaged dogs by effectively integrating both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators with your ecollar application.


Prices range from $995.00 up to $10,500 for a VIP coaching program that includes a full year of support.

There is a summer session in Iowa each year. Other sessions are hosted by trainers around the US and Canada. Contact Robin for upcoming dates and locations. 

Snack and lunches are provided during the 5-day course. Lodging is not included.

Yes, for both the in-person and virtual programs you are expected to do hands-on work with dogs. The training can be done with a personal dog(s) or a client dog(s), but the dog should not have any prior ecollar experience.

You are encouraged play full on by attending each of the live sessions. However, we understand that life happens. Live calls will be recorded and you will be provided access to the replays.

Yes, there are several options available for continued mentorship for both dog training and business coaching.

The Ecademy course redefines what it is to elevate a pet owners success and satisfaction through remote collar training. When your clients do better, your business does better!

Submit the inquiry form to explore whether this is a fit! Once Robin reviews your form, she will reach out to answer any questions, review the program options and clarify your next steps!

Ecademy Application


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