Camps & Workshops

Engage in a fun and enlightening weekend of training!

Pack up your pup and join in the fun! Camps and workshops are a great way to get an introduction to Robin’s approach to dogs and dog training. Jump into a working spot to get the most out of the experience, or audit and observe. Either way, you will learn more about the Just Right™ way to approach remote collar use, identify aspects of your dog’s healthcare that may impact performance, and learn simple modifications that yield significant impacts on behavior.

Whether you are a pet owner or a professional dog trainer, you’ll leave feeling revitalized to do more with your dog!

Contact Robin for upcoming dates and more information.

Dog Training Camp

Three days of fun to focus on YOUR dog!

Dog Training Camp is three full days of training that will improve your relationship with your dog and allow you to have way more fun together! This is a comprehensive experience that focuses on your dog. You return home with a plan for building a stronger bond by understanding the building blocks of solid training, good health, and an easy-to-implement daily routine.

If you’re struggling with an insecure dog, dog training camp is for you. If you’re frustrated by an easily distracted dog, you will see dramatic improvement by attending dog training camp. If you have a young pup that needs a jump start with their training and social skills, this camp will guide you in the best way to do it.

Sign up for a Dog Training Camp today. You will be so happy you did!

Dog Training Workshops

For Pet Owners & Trainers

Whether you are new to training or you’ve been around for many years, talking about the basics of how dogs learn and how to build a foundation of attention and engagement is always worth revisiting. Robin’s workshops explore when and how a remote training collar fits into that foundation because there is nothing more natural for a dog than having the freedom to move off-leash. 

The workshop is open to a wide audience, including professional dog trainers, K9 handlers, dog training clubs, veterinarians/staff, and pet owners.

Workshops combine lecture material and demonstration with interactive exercises and hands-on participation. You won’t be falling asleep in these events!  Contact us for upcoming dates or to host in your area.

What You Will Learn At Camp

  • Body language basics: Understanding what your dog is communicating to you, other people, and other dogs.
  • We analyze your dog’s individual personality profile through a numerical scoring system of various traits. You will understand how to best work WITH your dog’s innate drives rather than against them.
  • Three games that are super fun to play but secretly teach your dog to behave better around distractions!
  • Social skills that help your dog thrive in today’s world.
  • The simple and stress-free way to introduce your dog to ecollar training. 
  • Two easy tricks that improve your dog’s ability to pay attention to you in any situation. 
  • When and how to use rewards and corrections effectively to create a balanced and respectful relationship. 
  • One critical mistake you do not want to make with your dog!
  • Foods to add to your dog’s diet to improve health and behavior. 
  • How to properly introduce your pup to other dogs. 
  • The three skills that every dog should know and how you can easily teach them!

What You Will Learn In The Workshop

  • Basic features and functions of a remote collar
  • How to influence behavior via lure/reward, modeling, and shaping, and how all of those skills are valuable when incorporating a remote collar into the dog’s training program.
  • The three must-have behaviors that create ecollar literacy in order to communicate effectively in any dog training situation. 
  • How to confidently assess if you’ve found the Just Right™ level of ecollar stimulation for your dog. 
  • The one thing to spend enough time practicing in order to avoid any potential for suspicious associations with ecollar use. 
  • How to utilize play to maximize success and minimize frustration. 
  • The body language mistakes you’re making and why fixing them will change the way your dog responds.
  • That collar wise is never the dog’s fault and what you must do to prevent it. 
  • Obedience versus good manners: Is one more valuable than the other? How to incorporate simple changes to your daily routine so you do less work and gain more rewards. 
  • Evaluating breed, temperament, and age factors when trying to decide what is the right age to start ecollar training 

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