Online Dog Training Consultations

Tailored Strategies, Lasting Results: Your Dog’s Personalized Training Plan.

Endless Google searches, free advice from well-intentioned friends, and hours of YouTube videos can leave you confused and frustrated. If you are ready to get serious, it’s time to contact a professional.

Robin has spent decades being successful both with in-person and virtual coaching for pet owners and professional dog trainers alike. One-to-one coaching sessions will help you create a personalized plan to move forward and begin the journey of seeing your goals turned into reality.

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Professional Trainers

Build a plan that works for your goals!

End the struggle and start moving forward with confidence.

This approach to coaching isn’t based on a formula. It’s founded on the belief that each individual has unique strengths and talents. Unlocking each person’s potential to help them achieve their goals is one of Robin’s superpowers. Unlock your superpowers by starting your coaching journey today!

Pet Owners

You deserve to have more fun with your dog!

Stop the frustration and enjoy more shared adventures.

Have you tried a class or already been through several trainers in your area? Then reach out to Robin for a solution. Her no-nonsense approach considers diet, overall health, and lifestyle issues that may affect your dog’s training. Together, you will tailor a step-by-step plan to have more fun with a better-behaved dog.

What can you expect from virtual coaching?

All calls are done via Zoom. Sessions typically last 45 min – 1 hour. After your conversation with Robin, you will be provided a link to the Zoom recording and notes from your coaching session. To find out if a virtual session is right for you, fill out and submit the appropriate confidential form below. Submitted forms are responded to within 48 business hours to inform you of the next steps.

What can virtual coaching help with?

  • If you’re getting a new puppy and want to set yourself up for long-term success. Robin can give you tips on picking out the best dog for your family, plus what to do when you bring the new pup home!
  • Have a dog that plays “catch me if you can” or won’t come when called? Virtual coaching will help. 
  • If you are a dog training professional who needs ideas on how to motivate your clients to follow through with their homework, Robin can help. 
  • Need help to stop your dog from barking or charging the window every time a person or dog walks by the house? Fill out the evaluation and find out if virtual coaching is the right fit. 
  • Robin has helped many professional trainers seamlessly segway between board and train, private lessons, or day training programs to find solutions that best fit their clientele.
  • Virtual coaching can help if your dog barks for attention, jumps up on you or others, has a short attention span, can’t walk nicely on a leas, and won’t “Stay” when you need them to. 
  • If you’ve been having success, whether with your personal dog or with your dog training business, but now you’ve hit a plateau and feel stuck, reach out to see if virtual coaching is a good fit. 


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