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Yes. A board and train program can be arranged. Robin offers board and train programs through her training facility That’s My Dog! Inc in Dubuque, IA. You might also consider Private Lessons where Robin can coach you through the training. Private lessons will teach you how to have a better behaved dog and build a more fulfilling relationship

For further information please fill out the evaluation form and submit to info@robinmacfarlane.com

Yes. Robin will also travel to do training at your location. For more details contact info@robinmacfarlane.com or consider attending the Dog Camp, this is a 3 day training workshop that is geared specifically to the needs of pet owners.

Yes. Robin has done long distance coaching through phone, Skype and e-mail consultations for several years. The training can have great success when a timely approach and consistent effort is applied. Coaching and motivating dog owners to build a better relationship and have a well-behaved dog is something she excels at.

My desire to learn more about remote collars began in the late nineties. After a few years of training professionally I found that many of my clients still struggled with having a truly reliable recall.

Unless the surrounding environment had minimal distractions or was adequately fenced, many dog owners were reluctant to trust their dog’s ability to listen off leash. This lead to my investigating more options, including the use of a remote collar. I too was very hesitant in the beginning having heard all the adages about the tool being inhumane and cruel.

After gaining some education and putting knowledge to use, I began to discover the versatility of this tool. I found that e-collars were not a tool of last resort nor where they painful or harmful to the dog. In fact, I discovered the reverse of that belief. The tactile cueing system offered by knowledgeable e-collar use was actually less stressful for most dogs than other methodologies. Plus, the all around results were faster to achieve and easily replicated by pet owners.

Of course. Positive reinforcement is one quadrant out of 4 in operant conditioning. Operant and classical conditioning are part of any good dog training system. It is imperative that dogs are rewarded for behavior we want them to repeat, but reliable training goes well beyond that simple concept.

Because many nuisance behaviors are self-reinforcing for a dog, using only positive reinforcement to the exclusion of all other tools or training techniques is often ineffective and occasionally dangerous.

I believe the most well-adjusted and reliable dogs are raised with a balanced approach. I help people to better understand their dog’s behavior and assist in creating a more harmonious lifestyle through use of a wide variety of tools and techniques. The ultimate goal is to create a stronger relationship with your dog that will be based on mutual respect and cooperation.

Robin has been mentoring and instructing other professionals since 2002 and has a curriculum specifically geared toward other dog trainers. She conducts her E-cademy train the trainer program at That’s My Dog! Inc in Dubuque, Iowa. She also travels frequently conducting workshops and seminars around the country. For more information and upcoming dates, contact info@robinmacfarlane.com

The tagline for this site has multiple meanings. I wanted to maintain some connection to the Dubuque training company I started in 1998.  “That’s My Dog!” was started with the intention of helping local dog owners find solutions to behavior problems. As time progressed and it became a corporation, the marketing began to surround my dog at that time, a Belgian Malinois named Hero. He was inspiration for much of the TMD marketing but more than that he was named in reference to the firemen and paramedics who attended to me and got me out of the wreckage of the accident that changed my life direction and mission in 1997.

Hero was a very significant part of our family. You can read a bit about him here https://robinmacfarlane.com/a-heros-story and the lessons he taught.

So as I thought about the mission of this site, I thought about him and it lead me to a core belief of having courage and faith in the face of difficult times. It is not always an easy path to train a dog or resolve challenging behavior problems. Often times there is conflicting information given and at times others may even work against you insisting they know best. But significant change can happen when we are armed with knowledge and commitment.

My goal is to be a valuable coach on this journey with your canine friend, so that you can be Your dog’s Hero.

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