Robin MacFarlane

Robin MacFarlane

Robin establishes communication between dogs and humans by creating tailor-made solutions to address the needs of both. She strives to share her knowledge educating dogs and their owners by utilizing her skill, patience and a bit of humor!  And Robin isn’t shy about admitting she will challenge her clients to make the changes necessary for success.

I’m so grateful for this experience with Robin. It’s not just that it’s great information, because it is, it’s the fact that I walked away feeling incredibly empowered and motivated to replicate the information and skills that I learned both with dogs and human clients. I feel like I’m a better teacher for it. Everything was broken down into clear and simple instructions. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn about the e-collar. Whether you’ve got prior… Read more “Improved Instructing Skills!”

Meg Clairborne

Robin MacFarlane’s E-cademy course is the best hands on program for dog trainers to learn and increase their skills with positive reinforced E-collar training. As a business owner, it is a program I want all my trainers to attend. Not only will they come back more skilled and knowledgeable about E-collar training, but all aspects of training, including successfully teaching clients, running group classes and completing evaluations. If you have dog trainers that work for you, they should take this… Read more “Employee Training”

Kendra Sandoval

I have taught dog training for over 20 years, competed in various dog sports, and have used e-collars with my dogs primarily for fieldwork. Viewing Robin’s E-Collar Training DVDs sparked my interest in her Train-the-Trainer E-Cademy. Going in I was fairly confident that it would advance my knowledge and skills, but I didn’t expect to end up wishing the course had been available 20 years ago. Besides invaluable training skills, the course provided a deeper dive into the technology and… Read more “Ted Ridley”

Ted Ridley (Ontario, Canada)
One reason why remote collars should NOT be banned.
Enjoying National coffee day with all my favorites. 🐶☕️❤️
Taking a break after working to clean up heel position with one of my favorites clients. Love this guy. ❤️
The light on our morning hike was so gorgeous we just had to sit a while and drink it in.
Half time!
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Feeding time can be an enrichment activity even if you feed raw foods.🐶
Perfect morning for a hike. 🥾  #beyourdogshero
At @canineprofessionals conference and this handsome one is across the isle. What a good view to wake up to. 😊