Robin MacFarlane

Robin MacFarlane

Robin establishes communication between dogs and humans by creating tailor-made solutions to address the needs of both. She strives to share her knowledge educating dogs and their owners by utilizing her skill, patience and a bit of humor!  And Robin isn’t shy about admitting she will challenge her clients to make the changes necessary for success.

We sent our 5 month old GSP, Bauer, to Robin for her personal 3 week board and train. From the very start, her and her… Read more “Mary Kate with Bauer”

MaryKate Rosenfelder

I came out of the E/cademy week with Robin with a deeper understanding of remote collars and best practices for both using them and teaching… Read more “Nikki DeLuca”

Nikki DeLuca

I had the privilege to work for Robin in the past. So when it came time to better educate my own staff in dog training… Read more “Jen Westrate”

Jen Westrate
Sadie says this is not a “tail wind” 💨🤣
Why do serious?  because I’m a Schnauzer. 🥸
Loki “Around” - Adventure Addition. A quick adventure installment of Loki’s “Go Around.” Wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving! Go play with your dog!
Diva came along today to play the role of helper dog. She is perfect for the role because she has mastered the “I’m not impressed with your stupidity” look. 🧐 😂 Her indifference helps the reactive ones settle down their loud mouth shenanigans.
This handsome boy spent a few days in board and train with me. He did well for only 5 months old.  Went home with better manners and a great recall.
The morning snuggle ritual… best way to start the day🥰
What Will Loki Go Around? (Part 2). A dog? A Diva? A tree? An SUV? See it all in part two of What Will Loki Go Around! 👀🤣
Practice run for his new career as a service dog. Good luck Gil, you got this!
What Will Loki Go Around?. One way to channel terrier energy 🤣