Robin MacFarlane

In-person and Online Dog Training

Robin improves the relationship people have with their dogs. She combines 30 years of training experience with her background in biology and animal health care to help owners and their companions live more harmoniously together. Thousands of dogs and their owners have benefited from her exceptional teaching skills and supportive coaching.

If you are ready to start training and enjoy more adventures with your dog, you’re in the right place!

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Online Dog Training Courses

Virtual Dog Training

Puppy Training

Virtual Training

The early weeks of a puppy’s development are critical to long-term good manners and polite social behavior. Start housebreaking, limit puppy -biting and other nuisance behavior. Teach your puppy to calmly accept being in a crate and sleep through the night. Plus so much more...

Ecollar Training

Basic Obedience

Robin's Ecollar training video series provides off leash freedom for your dog and peace of mind for you! Robin’s step by step approach is easy to understand and easy to replicate.

Looking forward to opening the @canineprofessionals conference tomorrow morning. 

See you in MN.
Well trained dogs are created by practicing skills routinely as part of a lifestyle.
What you do in training class and lessons teaches you the skill.
How you use it in everyday life makes it into habit.
Develop habit.
This guy did just crashed into my office window. 

I haven’t seen a Northern Flicker in a while. He may be migrating through.

He seems a little stunned but looks like he’ll be ok. 

What a gorgeous bird.
After a few days away from our practice routine, we are getting back at it. Adding some movement to his retrieve skills.
His body is growing quickly…I’m not so sure his brain is keeping pace. 🥴
Not. Letting. Go.
Sometimes you just need a new hat.
Hanging with the grand pup for a couple days.
Love this big guy. ❤️

Work With Robin In Person

In-Person Dog Training

Dog Training

Robin offers private lessons and board and train programs to a few select dogs and their owners each year. Her programs are best suited to pet owners that want a bigger life with their dog. If you are an active person or outdoor enthusiast that wants a canine companion by your side in the adventure of life, reach out to Robin for program availability.

Train the Trainer

Robin’s Train the Trainer program is the perfect balance of achieving greater success with dogs, clients, and your business. Dog trainers looking to advance their skill set in order to help more people and their pets, should sign up for the next Ecademy Train the Trainer session. Robin’s coaching has helped trainers from around the world take their businesses to the next level!

Dog Camp

Three days to an improved relationship with your dog! Dog Camp is the ultimate immersive experience for pet owners. Together with Robin you will train, play, practice social skills, and create lasting structure to have the outstanding companion you deserve!