Robin MacFarlane

Robin MacFarlane

Robin establishes communication between dogs and humans by creating tailor-made solutions to address the needs of both. She strives to share her knowledge educating dogs and their owners by utilizing her skill, patience and a bit of humor!  And Robin isn’t shy about admitting she will challenge her clients to make the changes necessary for success.

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Brian Berg

Hi Robin,
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Angie Cline

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MaryKate Rosenfelder
Working on a new project. Drake is chilling between his screen shots. He’s handsome and talented. 😍😎
We ventured off the trail today. It was worth it.
Too cold to play outside so we are practicing silly tasks. What object can your dog retrieve and hold?
- 5 degrees…It’s a little cold in Iowa this morning. We got this though. Happy Monday!
A brisk 15 degrees today but we made sure to start out the New Year hiking with friends!
Starting with an early morning hike. Merry Christmas everyone. 🎄
Puppy Spaniel adorable-ness! 🥰
Stella is 5 months old and so much fun to work with. It is fun when you start training early.  The behavior is so pliable and responsive to influence that it is pretty easy to get what you want. 😃🐶🐾
Buster is working on minding his own business by having to remain on his Place while other activities are goi g on around him.