E-cademy: Remote Collar Training for Professionals

Train-The-Trainer | Remote Collar Training

  • Would you like to have more confidence incorporating remote training collars into your business model?
  • Do you want to to understand how remote training fits into a behavioral rehabilitation program?
  • Is it important to you that dogs graduating from your training programs have a happy, motivated attitude toward obedience?
  • Do you want your training techniques to be effective and easily reproducible by your clients?
  • Are you interested in improving your instructing skills and building a tribe of highly devoted clients?

If you answered Yes, to any of these questions, then the E-cademy, Train the Trainer program is for you!

Attending this program has helped hundreds of professionals enhance their skills and learn how to better help their clients. Robin’s vast amount of knowledge and dog training experience has been built over a 30+ year career. Her expertise in remote collar training is second to none and why so many people from around the world seek her out for their continuing education.

Remote collars are more popular than ever and are being used by an increasing number of professional dog trainers. While using an e-collar is not difficult, using it seamlessly to bring out the most in the dog and enhance the human-canine relationship is an art form. 

Remaining 2023 Trainer’s Course School Dates & Locations

  • Oct 5 – 9
    New Paltz, NY
  • Oct 13 – 17
    Clayton, DE

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This remote collar training course is both lecture and discussion, combined with hands-on time practicing techniques and working with a variety of dogs. Robin instructs the entire course—you are not taught by an apprentice or student trainer.

Participants should have a minimum of two years working as a dog trainer, assistant trainer, or other significant hands-on exposure working with a dogs on a routine basis.

Topics include:

  • The history and notable trainers behind remote collar development.
  • The science and psychology behind remote collar use and how to discuss them with your clients.
  • Proper fit and placement options of the e-collar.
  • Sequencing the training from starting with a green dog to off leash ability.
  • Adapting your application to the dog and the situation: routine obedience vs. aggressive behaviors vs. fear issues.
  • Combining other tools with e-collar use.
  • Using food, toys, and other motivators effectively in conjunction with e-collar pressure.
  • How timing, cadence, and stimulation levels influence performance and how to adjust them to meet the needs of the dog/handler team you are working with.
  • Incorporating e-collar training with fearful or anxious dogs.
  • Rapport building skills that make you a more effective instructor.
  • Providing e-collar instruction for both private and group lessons.
  • Assessing the dogs and the humans you’re working with. Why reading one without the other will get you in trouble.
  • Understanding basic health issues that impact the dog’s behavior.
  • Using a pack to assist your rehabilitation efforts.
  • Designing classes that are fun, challenging, and generate revenue.
  • Adapting the sequence to fit board and train, private lesson, day-training or group class
  • Plus so much more!

The E-cademy Train the Trainer program is designed for the pet dog training industry. Course material may be adapted to other areas of the dog training profession upon request. Robin has taught courses to service dog facilities, police k9 departments and retriever clubs.


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Join Robin! This course will change the way you understand remote collars, how you design programs, and instruct clients. You will leave with greater confidence and the ability to be a more successful dog trainer. To request full curriculum and pricing, or to inquire about hosting a course at your facility, email Robin@robinmacfarlane.com.