James Maturana

I was wanting to work with Robin for some time but thought me being in Australia would have been a problem. After speaking to Robin about what I wanted to learn she set a plan in place for me. I was so happy I was going to get taught the trained retrieve by Robin. Robin set up schedule for the training and then we began talking more on Skype to go over the pre requisites and process of the trained retrieve. Over the few weeks we use Skype, emails and videos that I recorded of me working my dog for her to go over and give suggestions for better results which worked great. The results I got with my dog Indy were amazing, I had her holding and carrying news papers, flip flops, sticks buckets anything! I was so happy with her retrieve and was so happy I began working with Robin. Im looking forward to working with Robin again and hopefully meeting her in person. Thank you for everything you helped with and my gratitude and appreciation goes out.