Professional Dog Trainer Robin MacFarlane

Why Become Your Dog’s Hero?

Heroes are admired. They exemplify noble qualities of courage, selflessness, leadership, and empathy. Once your dog believes you are a hero, there is no turning back! You will never want less from the human-canine bond.

Dog training is not just about obedience or performing tricks. It is a journey of building a relationship. The path from frustration to fun is the one you travel as you learn how your dog thinks and how to communicate in a way your dog will understand. I can help you acquire the skills needed so you and your dog can connect harmoniously. Together, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of adventures.

My Story

Early in her animal career, Robin worked as a veterinary technician. She frequently found that pet owners came to the animal hospital to seek help for behavioral issues rather than medical ones. Too often, those situations led to euthanasia because the dog had become dangerous or the owner was too overwhelmed from trying to find solutions. Those experiences profoundly impacted her desire to help pet owners better understand their canine companions.

Robin decided to help create change in the lives of dogs and their owners. In 1994 she started a puppy preschool program and offered training part-time while continuing to work in the animal hospital.  In 1997, Robin’s career came to a sudden halt when she was involved in a severe auto accident. Her recovery involved months of learning to walk again. Through intense physical therapy, she discovered the value of coaches who can see past the current situation and push their students to achieve more than they might believe possible. She embraced the value of that lesson, left the medical industry, and decided to found her first training company in May of 1998.

After 23 years, she sold that brick-and-mortar company in order to gain more flexibility in what she was able to do. She has continued work with private clients but now leads online courses, travels extensively to teach camps and workshops, plus serves as a professional consultant.

Robin has become a sought-after expert in the dog training community. Her communication ability, combined with a passionate commitment to finding what works for each dog-owner team, set her apart in the industry.  

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