Thank you for visiting our FAQ page. Here, you will find insights into our dog training programs and services. Transparency is at the core of our philosophy, and this section is designed to offer clarity on the principles, methodologies, and tools we incorporate into our programs.

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People have different learning styles. While some need the accountability of in-person lessons, others prefer the more relaxed approach of working virtually.

The main difference between the two options is the time it may take to achieve your goals. When we work in person, it is easier to ensure comprehension by being able to provide feedback in real time. With virtual learning, there may be a delay, particularly if there is a necessity to submit video footage for me to analyze and provide feedback.

The other aspect of virtual learning that should be considered is that it requires a level of self-motivation. The online programs have check-in’s built into them to help keep you motivated, but if you don’t log in and do the work routinely, you won’t make it to those progress points to keep moving forward.

If you are committed to putting in the work, you have me “watching over your shoulder,” whether virtually or in person! 

I have a variety of options available. They start at $250.00 and range up to $10,500 for a VIP option that includes a personal visit to your location. The price structures are dependent on the amount of time we work together. I am happy to chat with you to give you an estimate of how much time I would recommend based on the goals you want to achieve. Please feel free to reach out to me directly by emailing Robin@robinmacfarlane.com

Start today! 😀 Your dog is learning all the time, so every interaction you have with him/her is meaningful. If you have a new puppy that is less than five months old,  I recommend you enroll in the Puppy Training program. If your dog is older than that, they are ready to start a more formal training process. Anytime beyond five months old, we can arrange for a board and train program or private lessons.

Yes. You are welcome to visit. However, you must make arrangements in advance. When your dog is with me for training, it is not unusual for us to pack up and head out for field trip days. We may be gone for 3-5 hours at a time, depending on our plans for locations and activities that day.

You will receive routine communication from me in the form of text, email, and videos to provide you with information on how your dog is progressing with the training and being away from home.

I incorporate a variety of tools into a training program. I make my decisions based on the dog/handler team in question and what their needs and goals are.

Optimal health is the foundation on which good behavior is built. Without this detailed information, I cannot accurately assess if simple changes may make a significant difference in the dog’s behavior. Proceeding with training when underlying physical conditions are not addressed would be a waste of your money and unfair to the overall dog’s well-being.

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