Robin’s Favorites

Need quality training supplies for your pup? Check out these favorites! All items are products and companies that Robin uses for her personal dogs for their quality construction and commitment to customer service.


Volhard Dog Nutrition

Behavior is affected by health. A healthy dog not only lives longer, they behave better.

One of the best things you can do for your dog’s overall health and behavior is to feed them natural, fresh foods rather than overly processed dry kibbles. Biologically appropriate feeding makes a big difference to your dog’s well-being in a variety of ways. And it does not have to be complicated.

Robin feeds her personal dogs from the Volhard Dog Nutrition line of products. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to email questions to

Endurance and Veggie Packs

If you aren’t ready to jump into natural feeding, that is ok. But you can still improve your dog’s diet through simple additives. Two products that Robin recommends supplementing to dogs that are on kibble diets are; Endurance or the Veggie Packs from Volhard Dog Nutrition.

Both of these dehydrated, easy to use products provide a source of vitamins and minerals that are otherwise lost during the high heat cooking process it takes to make dog food shelf stable.

Add water and top your dog’s dry kibble with these and you will notice some differences in a few weeks time. In addition to the diet benefits, shinier coat, brighter eyes, and less shedding are a few of the benefits.

Place Training Boards and Dog Beds

Bizzy Beds

There are a lot of good dog beds on the market, but Robin has found that many dogs LOVE  Bizzy Beds. There is something special about the shape that appeals to a dog’s nesting behavior.

They are well constructed, made in the USA and super durable. Plus, when you order, you’ll get a bonus instructional dvd that walks you through the steps of teaching your dog a Place command.

Teach your dog to go to his/her Place when the doorbell rings and you’ll have far fewer problems when guests visit your home!

Cato Boards

Cato boards are a perfect training board. Ideal for teaching directionals and creating precision with stationary behaviors. They are compact and low to the ground, extremely durable and easy to transport and store.

The “fake grass” versions are wonderful for outside use, making the targets blend in better with a natural environment. The rubber matted version provides better grip and are nice for the indoor or precision training.

Mahar Dog Beds

These suspended platforms work really well for general place work intended to teach the dog  “to relax and remain on” until released with permission.

They are particularly great for older dogs that can use the extra support. The suspension seems to be easier on the joints. These are also great for use in the summer or warm climates due to the ability to have airflow all the way around the dog.
These are light weight, durable and easy to clean.

Robin pairs them with a Bizzy Bed on top for dogs that love the extra cushion or for additional warmth in the cooler temperatures.

Toys And Enrichment

PULLER Dog Fetch and Tug Toy

Playing retrieve and tug games with your dog is a great way to enhance the relationship. The PULLER is the perfect toy for these games because of the two identical rings. Using two identical rings make it easier to teach your dog to release the item by being able to “trade” it for an identical one.

PLUS the unique shape helps to minimize contact between your hand and the dog’s teeth. 🙂

PULLERS are amazingly strong and durable! However, they should not be given to the dog to use as a chew toy. They are for interactive games only.

And they float!

Remote collars and Accessories

Remote Training Collars

There are several manufacturers of quality remote collars. Which collar is best for your dog depends on several factors. It is important to consider the size of the dog, the training goals, the terrain the dog will be in and the expected sensitivity the dog will have to stimulation. Low to medium powered collars work for a good majority of dogs. But if you have a truly hard charging dog, select a collar with a full range, low to high stimulation profile.

Robin’s recommendation is to shop Gun Dog Supply for remote collars. They carry all of the reliable brands, have hands on experience with the equipment they sell, and provide great overviews of the equipment. Plus, they have wonderful customer service if questions come up. Also included with a remote collar purchase is  basic”getting started with training” information. If you are new to the use of a remote collar, this will be very helpful!

If you have concerns about whether e-collar training is right for your dog, what collar might be the best choice, or other dog training questions, Robin would be happy to schedule a zoom consultation with you.

Bungee Collar Strap

There are a lot of bungee straps on the market but Robin prefers the Adventure Hound brand. There is no need to deal with the annoying “pigtails” (bungee cord) of the traditional bungee collar.

Too often the dog is distracted by the cords flicking against the ears, or if given an opportunity, the dog may start to chew on the cords. Bungee collar straps are a must if you are working a dog hard in the field and they are panting heavily. The bungee strap will increase your dog’s comfort and allow expansion of the neck muscles, without sacrificing a good fit.

The Perfect Check Cord!

A check cord is an invaluable piece of equipment. Whether you are raising a brand new puppy or actively training and working toward off-leash reliability, a check cord is something you will use every day.

Robin always advises investing in quality equipment. That way, you avoid the need to keep buying replacements due to the wear and tear of routine use. This check cord meets the criteria for high quality.

In addition to being durable and easily visible in the grass, it is the perfect weight and length for most training applications. Plus, it has a high-quality brass clasp that is the ideal weight rather than being too heavy.