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Realize your true potential and stop letting your skills go to waste! You are already good at training dogs, now set things in motion to turn your passion into a truly profitable business.

The dog training industry is a dynamic and ever changing landscape that requires proficiency not only in training skills, but also in being a great teacher and a shrewd business person. The Ecademy VIP coaching program teaches you how to establish the missing pieces.

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If you’re wondering if business coaching is a good choice, ask yourself:

  • Do you love training dogs, but you’re feeling burned out?
  • Do you dream of transforming your training skills into a thriving business, but you’re not certain how to turns dreams into reality?
  • Have you spent time reading forums and asking questions online but feel even more confused by all the conflicting opinions?
  • Would you like to get comfortable with conversations that involve selling and closing a sale?
  • Would you like to better understand how to motivate people so both your clients and your employees will do the work you’ve asked them to do?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, the Ecademy program is what you are looking for!

Why Choose Robin as Your Business Coach?

With three decades of industry experience, Robin isn’t just a coach; she has actually experienced everything you’re going through. Having weathered the challenges, and honed skills in both solo entrepreneurship and running a bustling brick-and-mortar operation, her success in being able to cash out at 56 is a testament to understanding what it takes to succeed!

Robin’s strategy isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s a tailored approach to help you create stability in the ever-changing landscape of the dog training industry.

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What will you learn?

  • Improve your profit margin by learning to streamline training sessions, and reduce lesson time without compromising quality.
  • Master the finesse of a sales conversation and transform potential leads into loyal clients. 
  • Create a financial safety net by discovering how to easily add additional revenue streams to your existing business model.


Pricing for the programs vary depending on how many one to one calls are included in the program. Pricing starts at $250.00 for a single call up to $10,500 for a full year of support.

Calls are 1 hour in length. Calls are recorded and you are supplied a copy as well as notes from the session.

Private one to one calls are scheduled according to your convenience. Bi-Monthly group calls are held on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM CST

Your one to one private session can be rescheduled. Bi-monthly calls are recorded so you can access recording to review at your convenience.

Unlike coaches who speak in theories, Robin is a mentor who has walked the walk. Her expertise isn’t just in coaching; it’s in intimately understanding the many nuances of the dog training industry.

Submit the inquiry form to explore whether Robin’s VIP program is a fit! Once she reviews the form, she will reach out to answer any questions, discuss options and clarify your next steps!

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