Private Dog Training

Dog Board & Train and Private Lessons

Out with a current student in the dog board and train program.

Stay Training

Private stay and train is the ultimate dog training experience for your pup, they’ll have their own private dog trainer.

A private dog board and train with Robin means that your dog will be getting an exclusive training opportunity. Your dog will be exploring, learning, playing, and adopting the same structure and rules she uses to achieve amazing results with her personal dogs.  

Robin only takes one dog at a time for training. She will teach your dog all of the basic obedience skills; Sit, Place, loose lead walking, Come when called, and good manners like being quiet when told, not jumping on visitors, dropping things from the mouth when told and so much more!

Additionally, training with Robin means that your dog will be learning while on real-life adventures. Robin frequently takes dogs hiking, camping, visiting canine-friendly cafes, or while relaxing with friends at a BBQ or around a campfire. Any Stay and Train pup will accompany Robin and her pack on these adventures. These experiences provide your dog with excellent learning opportunities to practice good social skills with people and other canines. Comprehensive exposure to training in the real world is what allows you to fully enjoy your dog.

The minimum stay is three weeks for the dog. Owners are asked to commit to several hours of follow-up lessons. If you live outside of Robin’s area, you will be asked to stay in Dubuque, IA for an overnight when you return to pick up your pup. This allows time for training you on how to continue working with your dog on the newly learned behaviors. 
Your dog will be e-collar literate in a variety of obedience commands upon completion. You will be given several hours of personal one – one instruction, plus, a variety of materials to help you retain the concepts. You will also have direct access to Robin for text and email support if questions arise.

Private Lessons

Training with Robin means your dog learns but also, YOU learn how to maintain your dog’s good behavior!

If you are interested in taking private dog training lessons rather than booking a stay-and-train program, contact Robin to visit her in Dubuque, IA. Depending on your goals, visiting for a 2 – 5 day stay can get your dog’s training on track and improve the relationship you have with your dog.
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Dog Training Evaluation Form

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