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Private Dog Training

Stay Training

A private board and train with Robin means that your dog will be getting an exclusive training opportunity as a member of her household. Your dog will be learning, playing and adopting the same structure and rules she uses to achieve amazing results with her personal dogs.  

The training teaches all of the basic obedience skills like, Sit, Place, Loose lead walking and Come when called. But more importantly the training exposes your dog to life adventures such as off leash hikes, visits to canine friendly cafes’, relaxing with guests around campfires, and learning good social skills with people and other canines. This exposure is what allows you to then fully enjoy your dog when he returns to you. 

Minimum stay is 3 weeks, dog’s will be e-collar literate as part of the training. Minimum two day stay is required for you, the owner when picking Fido up from their stay training. This will allow for several lessons in a variety of locations to ensure you fully comprehend how to continue your dog’s newly learned good behavior. 

Private Lessons

Dog owners interested in working privately with Robin can also arrange  for private lessons at Robin’s facility, That’s My Dog! Inc in Dubuque, Iowa or opt to have Robin travel to them for private training.

 For more information, please detail your dog’s behavior and training goals  by filling out the Evaluation Form