Staci and Hank

I quit my job with a plan to section hike the Appalachian Trail. The pandemic hit and I was unable to travel so I got a Brittany puppy named Hank. Hank is energetic and exuberant and loves to chase anything that moves. The summer he was nearing a year old, the Appalachian Trail reopened for backpacking. Hank was not well-trained enough to be a trail dog. Chasing a black bear would not be good for Hank or the bear! I was torn between hiking my dream as I had planned versus boarding a young dog in a kennel with the chance that he may not be cared for the way I would want.
I was on the Gun Dog Supply website searching for a GPS collar and found a short video of Robin MacFarlane showing me how to train my dog. She was professional, confident, kind and gifted in her training video. I found her on the That’s my Dog, Inc website. I knew immediately that her board and train program would fulfill my need for a safe and caring home environment for Hank while I hiked and would teach Hank the skills he needed to be my trail companion on future hikes.
My husband John dropped Hank off and was impressed by Robin, her staff, and the facility where she houses her dog training business. John had no qualms about leaving Hank with Robin and Hank didn’t seem to either. Within an hour, I received a text with Hank’s picture and a note from Robin about how he was settling in.
Robin kept in contact every few days for the next month. I enjoyed the pictures and text recounting Hank’s adventures with Robin’s two dogs, including her duck tolling retriever known as the “best puppy wrangler.” There were pictures of Hank at her training facility, out on the town, at a family picnic, camping, hiking, the farmer’s market and so many other real life opportunities to learn manners.
I picked Hank up in Iowa. I was amazed at the new Hank. He was so mature compared to the puppy that left a month ago. He followed her commands quickly and confidently. He was happy. He recognized me and we both enjoyed our reunion. And then Robin spent hours with me, training me and transferring her knowledge to me. We went to 3 different locations to work on his new skills. We discussed so many aspects of Hank’s care, including nutrition and health, which have enriched Hank’s life incredibly. He was always beautiful, but now he is so muscular, fit, strong and sleek on his new diet. Our extended family recognized the changes in Hank and they love him even more.
Robin has been in touch with me as needed to answer questions and give further guidance on training and health. We have recently gotten a second puppy named Rue and I am ready to send her to Robin any day!
Robin has my highest recommendation and confidence in her skill at training and her impeccable care of my dog. I forgot to mention her detailed attention to Hank’s safety in all situations when he was with her. The only downside for me is that she lives 7 hours away. I would travel twice that distance for her expertise.
Thank you, Robin!
Hank is a great dog made even better with Robin’s training.