A happy owner has a whole new dog with e-collar training (and a whole new perspective!)

When someone is delighted with the results of their e-collar training they can’t help but share their enthusiasm. The following is an e-mail sent to Eileen Balcom – Vetillo of A Whole New Dog in Earlville, IL. Eileen has been coaching Anna and her two dogs through a series of dog training lessons using a remote collar as one of the tools to improve communication and reliability.

I asked permission to share the note here because I believe reading the words from fellow dog owners rather than just dog trainers or behaviorists gives you a clear perspective on the outcome and value of e-collar training when it’s done right. I did take the liberty of highlighting a few of the sentences because it is important to point out things that help put to bed some of the myths and misconceptions that abound remote collars. These dogs are happy, their owner is happy and they have freedom they didn’t have before.

I know you have read these type testimonials before but I am going to continue to share them until this tool is seen for what it is, just a tool. One that can be used properly and without doing harm to the dog. One that can change a persons relationship with their dog for the better because it provides security without sacrificing freedom. Until the hysteria and over-reactions like trying to ban this tool go away….these words need to be seen.

Good job Eileen for coaching well done and good job Anna for putting in the time to do it right!

I have been walking Duke and Gracie and it has been just lovely…so nice…
I started taking them down by the dam here in Lake Holiday as there is a pretty open space there.
They can walk down by the water and it’s just something different. We still do our walk from pier back to house with leashes dropped in the AM.
What a feeling.. I still can’t get over it!

I can let them loose on leash and they play ball there , they run around, chase each other…I keep practicing the “let’s go” with them still And it is amazing….they come to me and life is good…They look so happy, which in turn makes me happy. I find myself smiling while we are walking.
People have commented on how nicely they are walking and when we come up other dogs, the other dogs look so out of control. Pulling and jerking the owners. Duke & Gracie wouldn’t pull and jerk me but I didn’t have them in control before.. I FEEL I do now..and that is more than half the battle.
They ask me what the ‘secret’ is… I tell them it’s “Eileen” J..I explain about the eCollar and the beauty of it..and then I do like you would.. I ask them..”Do my dogs look unhappy” when they give me a look about them not wanting to ‘shock’ their dogs…? I then ask “ so you’d rather pick them up off the street after they get hit by a car – God forbid – or run off and your heart is broken??” Then I say again “ do my dogs look unhappy or afraid?” I said to them you are probably doing more harm to your dog by jerking their neck back and forth than anything I am doing.
One guy I gave him a mini demo…I walked with Gracie – Duke was just laying down on side of road…sniffing grass….NOW that is calm,submissive..and guy’s dog is hopping all over..
So I walked with Gracie and did the turn around thing – 1st thing you showed me – “let’s go” and she turned and I said again “ does she look scared or hurt?” Of course I loved her up . I think he was impressed.
So I continue to spread the word…I had so much fun with them at the dam..we were all running and chasing the ball..I swear they were smiling!
Duke is really good with not even having to ‘stim’ him…I can say “Duke – come or let’s go” and his own portly self is coming my direction. Even in the yard other day when he was in hot pursuit of a squirrel.. this squirrel ended up falling off the telephone line and into neighbors yard but Duke came back …otherwise it would have been me, Duke and knocked out squirrel episode!
Update with dogs at the fence…Lexie the puppy and Gracie run/up down but I can see it is play and Gracie does come back when called…sometimes it takes a few times but much,much better
And we continue to work on place boards…even Wyatt – little boy next door, whenever he seem someone coming to the door,like UPS or mail lady – I hear him saying – the dogs are in training ..be patient…so cute. Duke loves the place board for his naps.. I got the square one,it is bigger and hold both of them, even Bert from time to time – the 3 of them

Jim even does place board and find that it is a good thing. Let me know about the ‘walk’ if it comes together.
So wanted to share the news and keep in touch…take care
Anna and the gang in Lake Holiday

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