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A happy owner has a whole new dog with e-collar training (and a whole new perspective!)

When someone is delighted with the results of their e-collar training they can’t help but share their enthusiasm. The following is an e-mail sent to Eileen Balcom – Vetillo of A Whole New Dog in Earlville, IL. Eileen has been coaching Anna and her two dogs through a series of dog training lessons using a remote collar as one of the tools to improve communication and reliability. I asked permission to share the note here because I believe reading the […]

Remote Training Collar for Puppy Training.

Remote Training Collar for Puppy Training : How to Use It In a previous post titled Never Shock a Puppy, I discussed my thoughts on how a remote training collar for puppy training can be used as a feedback system similar to the way a GPS unit provides feedback to a driver trying to stay on course. You can read more here if you missed the original post to learn more tips about remote training collar for puppy training. I also […]

YIKES! What to do when you are the owner of THAT dog!!! (or: a case for the remote collar)

Another testimonial  from a family happy they learned how a remote collar could help them with their dog. It sounds like these folks were at the end of their rope and Buddy would of lost his home soon if a solution wasn’t found. I love this story cause we all know THAT dog!  Some of us have also owned THAT dog! The good new is, THAT dog can be fixed. What does it take to fix THAT dog?