Remote Training Collar for Puppy Training.

Remote Training Collar for Puppy Training : How to Use It

In a previous post titled Never Shock a Puppy, I discussed my thoughts on how a remote training collar for puppy training can be used as a feedback system similar to the way a GPS unit provides feedback to a driver trying to stay on course. You can read more here if you missed the original post to learn more tips about remote training collar for puppy training.

I also said I would try to do a follow up on the little guy in the first video, so here it is. This is two weeks after he started his training, from no obedience to working off leash outside with distractions, from fearful of other dogs to playing in a social group, and from no idea of what walking on a leash meant to heeling with attention.

As you can see, he did great, but as I mention time and time again…it is not because of the e-collar itself. A benefit of using a remote training collar for puppy training is that it expedites the learning and reliability when we understand how to use it to provide useful information to the puppy. Puppies learn pretty much the same way as we do, from feedback. What works, what doesn’t. What is rewarding, what isn’t. When you can provide that information clearly, consistently, and in a non-emotional way, a dog can learn very rapidly. The proof is right there in the video that a remote training collar for a puppy is a beneficial training tool.

If you need help finding a competent trainer in your area, check here.


  • I just love this video!!!!!! an e-collar used the correct way can help any dog gain off leash controll in a short amount of time. No matter what level of obedience you are looking for an e-collar used correctly can help you with your goals. Their is a lot of people,vets,dog trainers that bash them and think they are cruel. Well for those who that dislike them have never used them or talked to a trainer that has uses them the right way. I just love when people ask me about them. I usally offer to give a free demo with my dogs or there’s. Keep up the great work Robbin and showing people how an e-collar should be used!

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