YIKES! What to do when you are the owner of THAT dog!!! (or: a case for the remote collar)

Another testimonial  from a family happy they learned how a remote collar could help them with their dog. It sounds like these folks were at the end of their rope and Buddy would of lost his home soon if a solution wasn’t found.

I love this story cause we all know THAT dog!  Some of us have also owned THAT dog!

The good new is, THAT dog can be fixed.

What does it take to fix THAT dog? Consistency? of course. Some knowledge of how dog’s learn and their behavior? yep, that is helpful. But for a busy family to get on the road to having a normal life with their dog the most important things are tools and techniques that are easy for them to use and provide results quickly.

That is where Jill and what she teaches about the use of a remote collar came to the rescue for a family in Abbotsford, BC as they tried to gain control of THAT dog. 🙂


remote collar dog training
That good dog; Buddy

You know THAT dog you tell your kids not to go near, THAT dog , the one that makes even you nervous?  THAT dog was our dog.
Buddy is our 4 year old male German Shepherd cross.  When we got him, Buddy was 3.5 years old and had a ton of bad habits but it was behavior with other dogs and other people that had us the most concerned.  Taking Buddy for a walk was almost impossible as he would pull and lunge at other dogs and people and due to his size, was incredibly difficult to control.  When friends tried to come to our house to visit, we would lock Buddy up in a room so that he wouldn’t bark or growl at them, it was exhausting and sadly it got to the point where we were considering giving Buddy up….and then we found
“Life Without A Leash!”.

At our first meeting with Jill, we were shocked to see Buddy respond so quickly to the remote collar training.

Now after 5 months, friends and family can’t believe he’s the same dog. Now instead of dreading walk time late at night after all  the other dogs in the neighborhood have gone, making sure there’s nobody around to glare at THAT dog, we go out during the day, are able to cross paths with other dogs and people and we feel completely comfortable doing it.  Buddy walks calmly at our sides, follows basic commands and is doing really well with his recall.  We can even take him off leash and really enjoy playtime in the backyard as a family.
I hate to think of what would have happened if we hadn’t found Jill and Life Without A Leash! We feel terrible knowing we were ready to give up on Buddy for things that weren’t his fault.  He has become such a huge part of our lives.
We have recommended Jill and her programs to numerous friends and family and sincerely hope that anyone else in our situation does not give up but instead takes the time to explore all of their options.
Our heartfelt thanks to Jill Henry!
Curtis, Tammy, Owen, Katie, Sean & Buddy
Abbotsford, BC

There are more and more professional dog trainers learning the value that a remote collar can add to a balanced training program. Not only do they provide some immediate results for weary dog owners, but the techniques don’t take a PhD in psychology to understand.

There is a learning curve involved, but in the remote savvy society we live in, most people grasp the concepts very quickly. And quick results mean the family is happy and the dog doesn’t end up back at a shelter.

I’m going to be speaking to a group of professional trainers in Canada coming up in May and I will be touching on this subject. One thing I’ll be repeating is that when it comes to helping people: Complicated is interesting, but Simple is Usable.

Simple means everyone can get results and dog’s can stay happily in their homes. It is the main reason use of a remote collar is growing so rapidly in the dog training community.

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