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E-collar dog training: What the Sharpie had to say.

Last weekend I taught a workshop on advanced concepts in e-collar training. The workshop hosted by Flying Colors Canine touched on many topics. We discussed improving precision, adding tricks to the repertoire, how to deal with behavioral problems like aggression and anxiety, how to begin with puppies plus a bit more. While all the topics had the use of remote collars as a common denominator there were other messages I was trying to convey in my teaching. One of the […]

Remote collar dog training workshop in Canada

If you are interested in learning more about ways to use a remote collar for training your dog join us in Aldergrove, BC this coming July.  Jill Henry of Life Without a Leash Dog Training Inc. is hosting this 3 day even July 8th, 9th & 10th. The first two days of the workshop will be a basic foundation workshop. We will be covering the basics of how to properly fit the e-collar, find a training level and teach basic […]

YIKES! What to do when you are the owner of THAT dog!!! (or: a case for the remote collar)

Another testimonial  from a family happy they learned how a remote collar could help them with their dog. It sounds like these folks were at the end of their rope and Buddy would of lost his home soon if a solution wasn’t found. I love this story cause we all know THAT dog!  Some of us have also owned THAT dog! The good new is, THAT dog can be fixed. What does it take to fix THAT dog?

Learning how to train with a remote dog collar works wonders

This past August I taught a workshop on how to use a remote training collar (or unfortunately as some people call them: shock collar) to teach basic obedience and manners to pet dogs. Over the course of two days we worked on exercises like how to find the right level to gain the dog’s attention, how to teach loose lead walking, stay in one place and come when called. The training helps

Remote Electronic Collar Education Helps Dog Owners in Fresno

Instructing workshops to pet owners on how to train their dogs with remote collars is one of my favorite activities. Many thank you’s go out to Tara from K9 Action for inviting me to conduct a dog training workshop this past weekend in Reedly, CA. We had a wonderful group of people gathered who were all interested in learning more about the possibilities of remote collar training for their dogs. Below is an e-mail I just received from one of […]