Dog Training Help: New Resource

Dispensing dog training help and advice has been high on my list of priorities for a long time, but you probably can’t tell it from my presence (or lack of!) here on my own blog!!

I have a good excuse.

I’ve spent much of my time this past year writing and filming for my friends at Gun Dog Supply. Together we’re creating some awesome dog training tips through a series of articles and videos. It’s FREE stuff, so how cool is that?

Take a look at all these articles and let me know if you find some useful information. Knowing that a few words or a video made a difference for you and your dog is the ultimate positive reinforcement for me! Plus, feedback helps me to know if if I’m going in the right direction or not. If you have topics you’d like to see covered, please make a suggestion.

While you’re at it, you might want to pick up a copy of the latest training DVD. This new release has over an hour on the topic of e-collar training for your dog. Commonly asked questions, tips for training and lots of exceptional footage so you can see various examples and problem solving situations that can help with the e-collar training for your own dog.

Proper Fit of a Remote Dog Training Collar | Robin MacFarlane

Rule #1: Proper Fit of a Remote Dog Training Collar Is Essential

Proper fit of a remote dog training collar is one of the most over looked reasons for poor results. Viewers write and tell me the e-collar “didn’t seem to work” or it didn’t seem like it was working so they kept turning the level up and then the dog startled. When I’ve had opportunity to witness these problems in person I generally find that the e-collar is just not fitted properly and thus the dog is not feeling the sensation consistently

So I decided to make a little video tutorial to help paint a clear picture of what a well fitted remote dog training collar looks like.

Why is proper fit of a remote dog training collar so important?

Simply put, if the contact points are not touching the dog’s skin the remote collar will not work. Skin contact is what completes the circuit to allow the e-stim to move across the skin surface from one point to the other. (Note: the stimulation only emits from ONE contact point, not both)

Remember that good fit happens through 3 key ingredients.

1. Properly sized contact points.  Length and thickness of the dog’s coat affect how the e-collar will fit. Dog’s with heavy or long coats (German Shepherd Dogs, Malamutes, Akita etc.) need longer points placed on the remote collar. Most manufacturers create collars that have interchangeable contact points. Length of the contact points can range from 1/2 inch to 1 inch, with varying sizes in between. There is also an adaptation called a contact pad that works well for dogs who are sensitive to long days wearing the e-collar particularly those with very short, white coats on the underside of the neck or those dogs whose neck is small in diameter and don’t fit as well in the standard contact point set up.

2. Snug fit.  In general, people tend to keep most collars too loose on their dog. I’ve often seen basic flat buckle collars that slip over the dogs head as soon as the dog backs up or applies a bit of pressure. A loose fit with a remote dog training collar means that there is inconsistent contact which will lead to inconsistent results.

3. A clean and well brushed coat. Dead hair, matted fur, dirt and debris can all build up and create a mess under any collar. It is important to brush and inspect your dog’s coat on a daily basis. Regardless of length of hair, your dog will benefit from a few minutes of grooming attention each day.

If you are having problems start at square one and check to see if it is fitted properly. For more info on training check out my recent interview about using a remote dog training collar.


What Do Electronic Dog Collars Feel Like?

 Electronic Dog Collars: “Will it hurt my dog?”

The question of what do the electronic dog collars feel like comes up a lot. Or at least speculation about it comes up a lot! I’ve heard people make statements, usually negative ones, about what they imagine the collar to be and how it feels. Then those statements are typically followed with emotional assertions that they would “never use one on my dog!” So I’d like to share a true story from today. If you have a negative idea of what an electronic dog collar feels like, I hope you’ll ponder this.

shock collar
Ms. D’s first day back in the water 2012

I took my dog Diva swimming today. I didn’t really plan on it, we just headed to the park for a walk and a couple tosses of the frisbee. But when she saw the ice was no longer on the water….she wanted in!

It is March 15th in Iowa and the weather we are having this week is record breaking, in the 70’s actually. It is crazy, just less than 2 weeks ago the pond was iced over. That means the water is not a whole heck of a lot above 32 degrees Fahrenheit right now.

and my dog wanted to swim.

and swim and “toss the floppy disk again mom”….

That temperature water would of put me in the hospital (if I had survived it) but she didn’t seem to mind. When I finally said “Let’s go”, she got out, shook herself off and trotted down the trail with a contented look on her face.

Now what has this story got to do with how electronic dog collars feel? Well, it just got me thinking…How logical is the oft heard comparison some people make that if they find a particular level on an e-collar “painful” then it is of course also painful to a dog?

Since when do we perceive things the same way as our dogs do? For that matter, when do we perceive things the same as all other humans? I, for one, am not a big fan of Rap or Heavy Metal music…doesn’t mean that others don’t find it relaxing and enjoyable.

There are those who can not fathom the possibility that a Just Right level of stimulation is nothing more than a tap on the shoulder for the recipient dog.

Which is fine. Those folks can continue existing in that paradigm.

But, if someone is going to live by the credo “how it is to me, is how it is to my dog”…well, then I suggest they sample a mouthful of cow patty and explain that “this tastes bad Fluffy” to the dog who is grinning from ear to ear with it.

Or please explain to Diva the water was utterly unbearable today. 😉

What Do You Think of Remote Collar Training for Dogs?

E Collars for Dogs?

If you are looking for an opinion about remote training collars for dogs, ask someone who is using the tool what their thoughts are.

At least that is what we believe here at The Truth About Shock Collars…generally if you want a referral or opinion about something it makes sense to ask someone with first hand knowledge of the service or product, wouldn’t you agree?

What you will probably find out rather quickly is that actual users know that remote training collars don’t need to be shocking at all in order to work effectively.

Well, don’t just take our word for, watch the video and see what others have to say: Continue reading “What Do You Think of Remote Collar Training for Dogs?”

Two weeks of remote collar training turn mischeivious mates into precious pups again.

How long should it take to have well trained, well behaved dog?

For the Earl family it was 8 years of challenges before they found the right training and techniques to turn their two into a more mannerly duo. However, once they learned about how the electronic collar could help them it was only two weeks until the problems were solve. They were then on the way to the more enjoyable life they had envisioned with their dogs.

Continue reading “Two weeks of remote collar training turn mischeivious mates into precious pups again.”

E-collar training: What is the verdict on collar wise?

Today I thought I would share a question from a fellow dog lover about e-collar training and the concept of a dog becoming collar wise. This is always an interesting topic and helps lead all of us to better training habits. My answer is below, but please share your thoughts as well. Continue reading “E-collar training: What is the verdict on collar wise?”

Ian Dunbar’s “Science based Dog Training” and opinions about Remote collar training

I received a post card in the mail the other day. It is an ad for Ian Dunbar’s workshop that is currently touring the US. The title is: Science-Based Dog Training with Feeling. I’m thinking about going because the information makes it sound as though Dr. Dunbar is promoting some use of consequence as a responsible part of dog training, which makes me curious about the presentation.

I’ve seen Dr. Dunbar in the past, in fact his tapes Sirius Dog and Puppy Training were some of the first material I studied way back in the early 90’s when I was learning more about training and how dog’s learn. He has a lot of excellent information and I learned Continue reading “Ian Dunbar’s “Science based Dog Training” and opinions about Remote collar training”

“My dog likes his e-collar!”

The idea of using an electronic collar for dog training conjures up many emotions in people. For those who have had negative experiences or no experience at all, it typically goes hand in hand with ideas of pain or fear.

This is understandable given that most people Continue reading ““My dog likes his e-collar!””

Shock collar training? Whoa, would JQP really do that to their dog?

electronic collar training

The following testimonial has some pretty strong emotion. I don’t edit these things folks, so don’t shoot the messenger. The moral of the story…well, you will have to read through to the end to find out…

To whom it concerns, Continue reading “Shock collar training? Whoa, would JQP really do that to their dog?”

Remote Collar Manufactuers: What you Don’t know Might Shock you!

electronic collar training

I recently returned from visiting Radio Systems Corp in Knoxville, TN. Radio Systems is the parent company for a number of electronic dog training product manufacturers.  One of their brands is PetSafe, whose name was recently in the news in association with attempting to challenge the ban on electronic training aids in Wales.

I certainly recognize that people in the anti-Static correction campaigns are likely jumping for joy at the upheld ban and this will be Continue reading “Remote Collar Manufactuers: What you Don’t know Might Shock you!”