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Dogtra E-Collar ARC Review : Love at First Site

The Dogtra E-Collar ARC: Advanced Receiver Concept (ARC) Review   The new Dogtra E-Collar Advanced Receiver Concept (ARC) arrived and it was as I had expected…sleek on the dog. It drew a hallelujah from me immediately. A package I’ve been waiting for finally made it into my hands today. Take a look at the new e-collar on my boy, Tommy.   The training community, particularly the pet training community, IMO, has been waiting for a streamline receiver for a very long […]

Dog Training Help: New Resource

Dispensing dog training help and advice has been high on my list of priorities for a long time, but you probably can’t tell it from my presence (or lack of!) here on my own blog!! I have a good excuse. I’ve spent much of my time this past year writing and filming for my friends at Gun Dog Supply. Together we’re creating some awesome dog training tips through a series of articles and videos. It’s FREE stuff, so how cool […]

What do you think about remote dog training collars: Part 2

Last week I wrote about a questioner I was looking for volunteers to answer in regard to their e-collar training experiences. I want to hear from dog owners who are using this tool as part of their training program. And I left you with the tidbit from one person who responded: Q: In one sentence please describe how you felt about remote collars BEFORE you started training with them. A: The only people that use them are police dogs and […]

My dog just had surgery, Could a shock collar help speed her recovery?

Is it possible that training with an electronic “shock collar” could be a health benefit to the dog? That sounds like a big question doesn’t it? Is it a trick question? I suppose that depends on how you look at it. As our regular readers know, we don’t really think they are collars that are all that shocking. It is just the revelation of the truth that stuns some people. (yes, that pun was intended!) 🙂 Read the interesting note […]

Shock me smarter? New evidence that e-stim can aid some brain functions

Over the years there have been a number of people suggest (well, more like threaten) “Somebody should put a remote collar on you and shock you, then see how you like it!” While I have responded that I have felt E-collar stimulation

Remote collar helps German Shorthair learn to retrieve

This is a lovely testimonial I received recently. I appreciate the kind words, but the truth is, all I did was coach this great team. Amy and Fonzie did all the work. They have a lovely relationship and watching them work together is a delight. Kudo’s to both and good luck in the trials! I found Robin while looking for a way to teach my German Shorthaired Pointer to retrieve – to hand, every time – that didn’t involve sending […]

How to properly fit a remote training collar for your dog.

When choosing to use a remote collar for training your dog it is important to understand how to properly fit the collar. Proper fit is one of the key factors in how well the collar is going to work during the training. A collar fitted correctly will have both

What Is the Word on Shock Collar Safety for Dogs?

Shock Collar Safety for Dogs The question of shock collar safety for dogs is a topic that comes up frequently. Just last month I was in Cleveland, OH working with Bill Wittrock of Obedient Dogs and More. Our group was composed primarily of professional dog trainers but there was a pet dog owner in the crowd that peaked my interest considerably when he shared a personal story during our opening discussion. Joe Golob is a surgeon who also happens to […]