E-Collars for Dog Training: In the Spirit of Valentines Day

E-Collars for Dog Training


Using e-collars for dog training is often a common debate among dog owners and trainers. I have seen a few petitions in the past about banning e-collars and prong collars, a shop owner being targeted at Crofts in a campaign to slander and harass his company for even selling such tools. I saw a petition to not allow dogs wearing certain tools such as e-collars, be allowed at a dog event in a public park in Indiana. I read a piece written by a YouTube dog trainer lambasting “shock collar trainers” (his words) and calling one individual by name saying he  “deserves to be corrected very publicly.”

Is it just me or does it strike anyone else as ironic that some of the self proclaimed all positive types have so much venom in them? Their own professed ideology doesn’t seem to hold up when it comes to interacting with human beings.

I mean if you really, truly, in your heart of hearts believe that the MOST effective way to modify behavior is to reward what you want and ignore what you don’t want than how come that latitude is not extended to your own species?

After a bit of surfing I scratched my head, took a deep sigh and then proceeded with my usual course of action when I’m disgusted by the lack of common decency that is so often present on the internet. I clicked off the computer and went out to work with the dogs and our clients who love them.

That is when reality set back in. The internet is just a whole lot of noise. My life is about the dogs and their people. About trying to create a relationship that works. It is what I will continue to focus on. I don’t care what tool any person or trainer chooses.

I care HOW a tool is used and I care that ultimately we are helping dogs stay in their forever home and strengthening the bond between owner and their companion animal.

I am going to continue to chose a loving approach to my dealings with my clients, their dogs, my fellow trainers and even those of you who hate me.

Yes, I get your e-mails and your You tube comments that call me all sorts of ugly names.  I’ll continue to respond by inviting you here to my facility to see things for yourself. And you can continue to ignore those invitations. You can continue the war, for apparently you get some sort of reward from the feud itself. Not me my friend, the fight isn’t worth it. My rewards are far, far greater. Here are just a few of them from this week:

shock collar for dogs
remote dog collar
dog training collar
shock collars
Lincoln & Sawyer
remote collar dog training

Everything was summed up pretty darn clear early yesterday morning when I was out shoveling the parking area and one of our clients arrived to drop off his dog for our Day School program. We exchanged a few words of greeting and he said “this is so amazing, I love my dog now. We were both so stressed before, now we can actually enjoy each other.”

I don’t care how you travel that path folks. As long as you get their humanely. If that kind of dialogue is the outcome, then we are all playing for the same team.

Happy Valentines Day.


*Updated 2/1/2016

Professional E-Collar Dog Training Classes

Professional E-Collar Dog Training Classes: Education and Implementation

Angie Scharpf is a fellow trainer who attended our That’s My Dog! E-cademy Professional E- Collar Training Classes created specifically for dog trainers.

Angie signed up for our professional E-collar training several years ago and has been successfully implementing e-collar training into her dog obedience programs ever since. We chatted recently and she was telling me of a compliment she received from a client so I asked her if we could share the story here on my blog.

Professional E-collar training done right provides that ability to maintain control because tactile cues gain attention reliably even when the surrounding environment jumps into full throttle energy. And that gives everyone more peace of mind.These words seemed like the perfect short and sweet summary of why e-collar training is so popular among pet owners and trainers.This also proves to me the importance of offering professional E-Collar training classes to dog trainers around the world, emphasizing proper education and implementation.

“I have done obedience training with my 115-pound puppy before, but as soon as we were faced with any distractions, it was nearly impossible to get his attention. The ability to adjust the intensity of the e-collar depending upon the distraction level was fantastic and made us feel like we had options when things got chaotic! The ability for Alvie to understand what we want from him makes our relationship with him so much better. We love our puppy more than anything, and are so happy to be able to communicate with him effectively : Thank you.”

-Rebecca Dirks

If you are interested in chatting with Angie about training for your dog contact her at Pack Leaders Dog Training in Marion, Iowa. Angie is one of the many talented e-collar experts listed on our referral page. Angie has attended and graduated our E-Cademy Professional E-Collar Training Classes and now shares her expertise with clients in Iowa.
To learn more about finding an E-Collar trainer click here and you can find an E-Cademy Graduate near you here!

*Updated 1/31/16

Dog Training Help: New Resource

Dispensing dog training help and advice has been high on my list of priorities for a long time, but you probably can’t tell it from my presence (or lack of!) here on my own blog!!

I have a good excuse.

I’ve spent much of my time this past year writing and filming for my friends at Gun Dog Supply. Together we’re creating some awesome dog training tips through a series of articles and videos. It’s FREE stuff, so how cool is that?

Take a look at all these articles and let me know if you find some useful information. Knowing that a few words or a video made a difference for you and your dog is the ultimate positive reinforcement for me! Plus, feedback helps me to know if if I’m going in the right direction or not. If you have topics you’d like to see covered, please make a suggestion.

While you’re at it, you might want to pick up a copy of the latest training DVD. This new release has over an hour on the topic of e-collar training for your dog. Commonly asked questions, tips for training and lots of exceptional footage so you can see various examples and problem solving situations that can help with the e-collar training for your own dog.

Q&A about Remote collar dog training.

Questions & Answers: Remote Collar Dog Training

Recently I had a chat with Ty Brown of Dog Behavior Online about e-collar training.

We discussed some of the basic training concepts as well as some of the commonly held misconceptions such as; can e-collars be used with anxious dogs? Are they ok to use in the case of aggression issues. Are they really humane and how do they feel?

What does it mean to use the Just Right level? I remember what it feels like to touch an electric fence, is that what a remote collar feels like? These are some of the many questions that Ty asked me.

Want to know my thoughts on it all?

Click to hear the:  E-collar interview

Remote collar dog training

Hero listens in…

Thankful for Dogs

Here in the US we will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. It is a day to remember all that we are grateful for. With that in mind, I did not want to over look extending my gratitude here.

So, for those of you who read this blog and comment regularly, thank you for sticking beside me on this topic. As prickly as it can get from time to time I appreciate your wear-with-all in helping others understand the true nature of what we do and that we’re not “just shocking dogs.”

For those of you who read this blog and disagree with my viewpoint and take the time to comment, thank you for reading and expressing your opinion. I choose to believe that despite our differences our mutual goal is always to act in the best interests of the dogs and clients we strive to help.

Thank you to my staff at That’s My Dog! Without you all doing your jobs so well I would not have the available time and resources that afford me the ability to maintain this site.

To my professional colleagues, thank you for the things you share with me and the inspiration you provide. I have deep gratitude for our friendships.

Thank you to my many clients over the years. Since I chose to embark on the path of discovering all the possibilities this tool can afford…you’ve validated to me time and time again, it was the right thing to do. For your trust in myself and my employees I am eternally grateful.

To the dogs, my personal dogs past and present and the thousands I have worked with over these 20+  years in the animal profession. I owe you most of all.

You’ve taught me to be humble, because just when I thought I knew it all, you show me something new. You may drive me crazy one minute but you always leave me laughing the next. Perhaps most importantly you always remind me to stay present and in the moment. I am thankful for that.

…oh, and I do appreciate when you clean up after yourself when you eat too fast and end up puking it all up. I’m a bit of a pansy about that, so thanks for taking care of it! 🙂



  Is there anything your dog has taught you that you are thankful for?

Those “WoW moments” of remote collar dog training.

Maverick just finished his 2 week remote collar dog training program. Today he and his owner showed up for their final private lesson before they join in our group polishing classes. I was sitting at my desk and watched as his owner pulled up, got him out of the truck, had him walk in a nice heel to the door, sit for the door to be opened then came in and greeted us all politely by sitting (rather than the previous jumping up!). It certainly put a smile on my face.

This young Gordon Setter was relaxed and confident and so was his owner. Truly delightful to see after such a short time of training.

Maverick is still a young dog (7 – 8 months old) and his owner already had a Tri-tronics remote collar. He’s been running him on birds and exposing him to his “working life” but he wanted some coaching on how to use it to teach basic house manners and obedience so it would be easier to live with an energetic bird dog.

The real icing on the cake this morning was Maverick did all of this off leash. 🙂

And that made it a WOW moment for me. Even though I’ve done this type of training for years and I know the possibilities…not every team gets it quite that fast. It just reaffirmed how much is possible when the concepts really click and the team learns how to use the e-collar as a communication device to provide tangible information to the dog.

What a great way to start the week!

Kudo’s to Maverick and his “dad”. I’m looking forward to watching his progress continue to unfold!


E-Collar Dog Training

E-collar dog training: Would your dog choose it if you gave him the option?

Have you ever wondered if your dog would choose e-collar dog training? I spend a fair amount of time sleuthing the internet for information and opinions regarding e-collars or “shock collars” as some continue to call them.

One of the sentiments I’ve noticed lately being touted by those who wish to have the tool banned from existence is the idea that the dogs (our dogs) didn’t get to “choose” this form of training or this training tool. This statement is usually uttered in reference or testimonial that demonstrates a human subjecting themselves to e-collar stimulation for either comedic purposes or for the sake of visually elaborating on a concept. The typical commentary is: “well, the human had a choice about feeling that tool, those poor dogs don’t.”

That line of thinking got me pondering on the idea of choices for our dogs. I am curious how you feel about e-collar dog training and hope you chime into the conversation.

I’m all for giving my dogs some options, as in: do you want this toy or this one? Do you want to sniff out this trail or the one over there? But my personal outlook is that my dogs are my responsibility and as such I do make a lot of decisions for them. Here is a brief list of some of the decisions I don’t give my dogs a choice about.

I decide:

What they eat.

What vaccinations they get and how often.

What dogs I trust and allow them to interact with.

If they are allowed to swim or not.

When they need to get a bath, nails trimmed or ears cleaned.

If they get to remain intact or if they will be surgically altered (spay & neuter).

Why do I decide these things for my beloved companions and not give them “their choice”? Well, I feel fairly confident I will make better decisions for them than they would make for themselves. Case in point, my dogs would probably never chose to get vaccinated or take a bath or file their nails, they would likely make some bad choices and trust dogs that they shouldn’t. They would absolutely choose to eat trash and clean up every human left over they could. And for certain, Diva, would jump in the water and swim ANYWHERE despite a dangerous current.

So does the fact that I don’t allow my dogs too many choices make me some sort of evil dictator? If it does, I guess I am guilty of raising my kids that way also. I believe in applying structure, limitations and rules that I determine to be in the best interest of all.

When my charges (dogs or kids) clearly understand the rules I’ve created they actually get more freedom as a result. And they grow to a level of independence that I feel is our responsibility to teach them to have. One of my children is out of the house, putting himself through higher education and making his own way in the world. The second child will soon be following suit. And meanwhile my dogs no longer need to be kenneled or baby gated when I am away from the house and they are calm and well mannered if they are left in anothers care for a period of time. Through the choices I’ve made for them in e-collar “training” they have learned self control and the liberties that go along with that.

e-collar training
“all the kids” circa 2009

I honestly believe that if my dogs could speak for themselves they would choose the e-collar dog training and the subsequent freedom it brings with it.

They get to run off leash in unfenced areas, they get to be part of the party when there is company, they get to go along on most trips and they can be in public venues without being a nuisance.

Yes, I am the one responsible for making the e-collar dog training choice for my dogs. And as a result of it I do not have to make choices to withhold their freedom because “there are too many distractions around” nor do I have to limit their exploration to the end of a leash or clipped to a front pressure harness or head halter.

So what are your thoughts? Is it appropriate that we make the choices for our dogs training tools or exactly how does this argument stack up in your opinion?

Successful e-collar training gives dog and owner new freedom

Being an advocate for education regarding the e-collar is not always an easy path. Disparaging remarks and harsh judgment come frequently to those of us who choose to be outspoken about a toolwe believe is unfairly labeled as inhumane.

Some days it is down right disheartening when constantly subjected to the personal attacks

BUT Continue reading “Successful e-collar training gives dog and owner new freedom”

What Do You Think of Remote Collar Training for Dogs?

E Collars for Dogs?

If you are looking for an opinion about remote training collars for dogs, ask someone who is using the tool what their thoughts are.

At least that is what we believe here at The Truth About Shock Collars…generally if you want a referral or opinion about something it makes sense to ask someone with first hand knowledge of the service or product, wouldn’t you agree?

What you will probably find out rather quickly is that actual users know that remote training collars don’t need to be shocking at all in order to work effectively.

Well, don’t just take our word for, watch the video and see what others have to say: Continue reading “What Do You Think of Remote Collar Training for Dogs?”

Remote collar dog training workshop in Canada

If you are interested in learning more about ways to use a remote collar for training your dog join us in Aldergrove, BC this coming July.  Jill Henry of Life Without a Leash Dog Training Inc. is hosting this 3 day even July 8th, 9th & 10th.

The first two days of the workshop will be a basic foundation workshop. We will be covering the basics of how to properly fit the e-collar, find a training level and teach basic skills such as walking nicely on leash, coming when called and learning to stay in one place. We will also be addressing issues such as nuisance barking, excited jumping up, play biting and more. Dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments are welcome.

Sunday July 10th will be an advanced workshop for those who attended our Vancouver seminar a couple years ago or past and current clients of Life Without a Leash Dog Training.

This is what attendees had to say last time I visited.

Please contact Info@LifeWithoutALeash.com for registration or more information. This will be a great workshop, hope to see you there!