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Just Right! Remote Collar Dog Training Guide Two-Volume DVD Set

Your Own Personal Remote Collar Dog Training Guide If you are looking for a remote collar dog training guide to help start the training process with your dog, here are some suggestions: First off, if you can, find a professional trainer in your area that has experience with this tool. An experienced pro can help […]

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E-collar dog training: What the Sharpie had to say.

Last weekend I taught a workshop on advanced concepts in e-collar training. The workshop hosted by Flying Colors Canine touched on many topics. We discussed improving precision, adding tricks to the repertoire, how to deal with behavioral problems like aggression and anxiety, how to begin with puppies plus a bit more. While all the topics […]

E-collar Training

Remote Collar Training Workshop

Robin MacFarlane will be presenting an advanced trainers workshop with emphasis on remote collar applications in October 2012. The workshop will be hosted by Clarice Kashuba of Flying Colors Canine Canine Academy in Fort Wayne, IN This is an advanced workshop and not a beginners course. Attendees must have a solid understanding of remote collar […]