Just Right! Remote Collar Dog Training Guide Two-Volume DVD Set

Your Own Personal Remote Collar Dog Training Guide

If you are looking for a remote collar dog training guide to help start the training process with your dog, here are some suggestions:

First off, if you can, find a professional trainer in your area that has experience with this tool. An experienced pro can help  you through the remote collar conditioning process and get you on your way to enjoying off-leash adventures with your dog.

Since 2002, I  have been teaching the “how-to’s” of using a remote collar for training dogs to other professionals. However, since not all trainers make it a priority to learn these valuable techniques, you may not be able to find a skilled trainer in your area.

If that is the case, pick up a copy of my Just Right! DVD set and get your dog started on the right track. Remote collar dog training in a safe, efficient and humane way to train with my step-by-step approach.

Just Right! is a two volume DVD set that provides dog owners a remote collar dog training guide starting with the basics. You will learn everything you need to know as a remote collar beginner such as, properly fitting the collar, and determining the just right level of stimulation for your dog and understanding how that varies according to the distractions present.

You will be able to teach your dog to:

  • Walk nicely on a loose leash
  • Come back when called
  • Learn to Sit and stay
  • Learn to Down and Stay
  • Learn to remain on a Place (dog bed or mat)

You will also understand how to use the remote collar training to stop nuisance behaviors like:

  • Jumping up
  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Inappropriate chewing
  • Excessive barking

With the 2-volume DVD, you will have your very own personal remote collar dog training guide to reference whenever you like.  Both you and your dog will be less frustrated by ineffective training methods and on your way to more freedom and off leash fun!


  • Robin, what is your opinion of the Dogtra just right. I’m going to use the collar for obedience on one dog. I’m in the process of watching your 5 dvd set on how to use the e- collar, nicely done.

    • Hi Gerald,
      I like the just right collar and use it fairly often with my clients. Many people (particularly if you are new to remote collar use) like the certainty of having a level “click in” with that type of stimulation selection dial. Plus, the just right has an advantage of increased versatility by splitting that level into three options of low/med/high.
      The only draw back would be if you have an extremely sensitive dog (and some dogs are) and the low level of one can still be a bit too much for those dogs. I’d say about 10% of the dogs I handle/work with would need a collar with lower options that you find on a rheostat system such as the Dogtra 280C.
      Have fun training!

  • Hi there i am working on using an ecollar for my 2 year old german shepherd. She is trained in basic obedience but doesnt come when called if there is a distraction and also has developed agression towards other dogs. I am using the “look” command ( something she knows well) and then giving a correction if needed in situations ( on leash) where she is freaking out and acting like a maniac. If she looks away I give a correction. I feel that the ecollar definitely is upsetting to her and when i put it on she is not herself. I also use it for when i tell her “hush” and she wont stop barking. I do find that if i leave it on longer periods she forgets its on and goes back to being herslef so that helps but its my understanding that it shouldn’t be left on too long. Which of your resources can i look at or purchase to educate myself and be sure i am doing everything correctly? The basic obedience CD seems not to be exactly what I need….. thanks for any tips towards the right direction. Ali

    • Hi Alison,

      Actually I suspect the basic dvd would be the best place to start. The difficulty with the approach you are using with the e-collar is two fold: 1. you introduced it the highest distraction situation first (your dog’s reactivity toward other dogs) rather than doing the e-collar conditioning in a low distraction setting. By skipping this crucial step you haven’t given your dog a fair way to learn how to have control over the stim. It is possible she is now associating the sensation with the other dogs, rather than with attention to you…thus you are seeing an uptick in the problems.
      2. It is not being used in a consistent and routine fashion for attention to obedience as part of “lifestyle” training and rather is being used solely in a punitive way as a tool of punishment so she is naturally creating an association with it being on as a negative thing.
      The e-collar is best utilized as a normal part of the dog’s day (she wears it while eating, playing etc in addition to training) and by FIRST going through the e-collar conditioning exercises BEFORE applying the collar in the problem situations.
      I would suggest you get the basic dvd(s) and follow the steps outline and then begin to integrate into the more challenging situations as she gains understanding and clarity of how to respond.

  • Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site?
    My blog is in the exact same niche as yours and my visitors
    would truly benefit from a lot of the information you
    present here. Please let me know if this alright with you.

    • feel free. As long as it helps educate about dog training and/or the proper use of the remote collars, use what quotes you feel are valuable.

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