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Thank Dog for “old school” dog trainers!

“Cutting edge.” “New.” “Innovative.” “Modern.” “Science based.” “Humane.” Force free.” “Balanced.”… The list of  attributes dog trainer’s use to describe themselves is overwhelming. Almost as overwhelming as walking through the dog food isle trying to pick the best food for a new puppy. It’s hard to keep pace with which rendition is trending and which has become So yesterday. 🤢 There does seem to be one commonality amongst the influencers today though, and it isn’t a description that is aspiredRead more “Thank Dog for “old school” dog trainers!”

When saying NO isn’t enough.

You can see it coming.  The child rushing toward you, hand outstretched, a caregiver lagging behind while reminding; “remember to ask”… The gleeful woman broadcasting, “he just wants to say hi”…as she desperately clings to a retractable leash while her pooch digs in, determined to come pounce on your pup.  All those feelings that are bubbling up inside of you. If you’re lucky, and have a dog that can tolerate the intrusion, you may only feel a slight annoyance. ButRead more “When saying NO isn’t enough.”

What lens are YOU looking through?

Pet dog trainer, field dog trainer, working k9 handler, service dog trainer, competitive bite sports decoy, competition obedience master. The list of areas of expertise is long. Many areas overlap and intersect – but sometimes important nuances don’t.

Donald Trump, Shock Collars and learning to curb the yapping.

The upcoming inauguration of President Elect, Donald Trump, has me thinking about many things, including dogs (I’ll get to that in a moment). For the record, I did not vote for Trump. He doesn’t impress me as possessing the character traits I value in a leader. That said, I’m not one to assert the “Not my president” message. I value our collective history, those who fought to build our country and the rights I often take for granted too muchRead more “Donald Trump, Shock Collars and learning to curb the yapping.”

Electric Collar Dog Training: It’s More Than Just the Tool

Electric Collar Training: Good Dog Training Is More Than Just the Tool You Choose Anyone who spends more than 10 seconds on this blog can figure out that it’s primary purpose is to explore ideas and concepts surrounding the use of electronic collars.  A bit of browsing and you can find advice on some of the basic concepts for successfully using an electronic collar, read about other peoples experiences with this training and enjoy a guest post from some ofRead more “Electric Collar Dog Training: It’s More Than Just the Tool”

5 Ways to Mess Up Your Dog

5 Ways to Mess Up Your Dog Most of the time, dog trainers invest effort trying to teach dog owners what to do to have a well- mannered, well-adjusted companion. But sometimes it is helpful to look at things from another angle so let me share a few thoughts on how you can wreak havoc with your dog’s mental health and have a negative impact on their behavior. These are some of the top ways that you can mess upRead more “5 Ways to Mess Up Your Dog”

Invisible Fence and the Blame Game

The Invisible Fence I was surfing Facebook when I came across a link that had been shared numerous times. The title was a Rant and a Plea by Dr. Jennifer Rouse. Dr. Rouse is a DVM in Pennsylvania, US. The story was an unfortunate one about one of her Veterinary Assistants who had been attacked while out for a walk with her dog. There are a number of interesting bits to the story in that the dog that did theRead more “Invisible Fence and the Blame Game”

Remote collar training is really not that scary

Diva and I wanted to wish you a Happy Howl-O-Ween, we didn’t plan a big photo shoot like previous years since she is still in her orthodic for the achilles tendon injury back in March. But we will share a bit of video we shot a couple weeks ago when she finally got the green light to run off leash again. Her doctors at UW. Madison are pleased with her progress from such a serious injury and credit her remarkableRead more “Remote collar training is really not that scary”

Clarity and Conflict in Dog Training

My travels have introduced me to trainers, competitors, and enthusiasts who have a passion for dogs and an obvious understanding of how to connect with them. I’m grateful for having had the  opportunity to meet so many talented dog people through the years. Jonathan Brinkley is one of those people. We met while I was teaching a workshop at Kennel Club USA in Ohio a few years back. Jon understands how dogs learn, has a versatile tool box, and anRead more “Clarity and Conflict in Dog Training”