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Just Right E-collar dog training

A few years ago I created a very basic instructional DVD about e-collar training, Just Right Training. The goal was to provide viewers with the basics of how to safely and humanly collar condition their dog. I hoped to help people understand how to properly fit the e-collar, figure out what level is appropriate for training and how to avoid creating confusion for the dog. It was titled Just Right because of my continual reminder to users that there are […]

Remote collar training is really not that scary

Diva and I wanted to wish you a Happy Howl-O-Ween, we didn’t plan a big photo shoot like previous years since she is still in her orthodic for the achilles tendon injury back in March. But we will share a bit of video we shot a couple weeks ago when she finally got the green light to run off leash again. Her doctors at UW. Madison are pleased with her progress from such a serious injury and credit her remarkable […]

Q: How do you use a remote dog training collar?

A: Lots of ways. I hope that is what participants of our workshop discovered last weekend.  A remote dog training collar is so much more than just a tool used to correct bad behavior. In fact that really is one of the last options we recommend you use the e-collar for. 

Should only professionals be allowed to use electronic training collars?

My friends in the UK at BritishDog sent this note over as an example of the feedback they get from their clients regarding purchasing electronic training collars. British Dog carries a variety of dog training collars & equipment, toys, and dog gear. Our e-mail correspondence started when Wales passed a ban on remote training collars. We were discussing the absurdity of such bans and how limiting tool options doesn’t solve the problem of people become frustrated with their pets and […]