Q: How do you use a remote dog training collar?

remote dog training collar

A: Lots of ways.

I hope that is what participants of our workshop discovered last weekend.  A remote dog training collar is so much more than just a tool used to correct bad behavior. In fact that really is one of the last options we recommend you use the e-collar for. 

Thanks to Bill Wittrock of Obedient Dog’s and More in Cleveland, Ohio I was able to spend a weekend with other professional trainers, dog enthusiasts and pet owners discussing various techniques and applications for this versatile tool.

Together we are doing away with the days of using high level corrections from a shock collar to ZAP a dog after they start chasing the squirrel, lunging at other dogs or bolting down the street.

Instead we are opening the doors of communication between human and canine by using low level TAPS from a remote dog training collar to condition positive behaviors like come when called or walk nice with me and don’t worry about the other dogs.

We are learning how the “volume” of the e-collar does not have to scream at the dog in order to be effective. In fact it is often a whisper that works amazingly well to maintain attention and prompt even subtle behaviors like looking at the owner for direction. This point was driven home by a deaf pitty that was in attendance that was parading around off leash following mom like it was the most natural thing in the world to follow her rather than get distracted by every movement and odor in the room.

My hat is off to those individuals who are open minded enough to attend my workshop on how to use a remote dog training collar. I hope they are walking away with at least a sense of greater curiosity and the knowledge that these tools truly can be a humane, gentle and effective way to strengthen the bond between dog and owner.

Thanks to Bill and all the helpers (Jean, Jim, Chris, Jennifer) who put this event together. I am grateful for the friendship and generosity of the Ohio crew who has brought me back 2 years in a row. I hope it was worth your efforts.

I’ll be visiting the Vancouver area in July to work with another group. If you’re in the area consider joining us or contact me for booking a workshop in your area.  (I do love visiting warm climates during the Wisconsin winter! 😉



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