Just Right E-collar dog training

A few years ago I created a very basic instructional DVD about e-collar training, Just Right Training.

The goal was to provide viewers with the basics of how to safely and humanly collar condition their dog. I hoped to help people understand how to properly fit the e-collar, figure out what level is appropriate for training and how to avoid creating confusion for the dog.

It was titled Just Right because of my continual reminder to users that there are ONLY three stimulation levels to concern yourself with when training the dog, Too low, Too high and Just right…and the dog makes that determination, not the numbers.

The DVD covers a few basic ideas (recall, loose lead walking, place) and helps resolve some minor, but frustrating behavior problems like jumping up and nuisance barking. The intention was to provide some simple, but solid instructional material to those who wanted to add an electronic dog collar to their training routine but struggled to find a knowledgeable professional in their area who could help.

Stefano is one of those people. We’ve been corresponding about the possibility of starting his dog on an e-collar. He was doing his research before starting (which I applaud!) and had several valid concerns like how to get a great recall without creating a dog who would be worried about leaving his side. After getting the Just Right DVD and a bit of e-mail coaching he got started and I was happy to receive the following message.


great techniques, I began the e-collar training today, my dog picked
it up straight away

I think maybe cause he already knew commands but starting the loose
leash walking it only took like twice changing directions then he was
shadowing me like crazy.

But then I said ‘release’ his free command and he went off straight

So then I just went for a walk and did about 3 recalls broken up over
about 10mins and he did great recalled away from water (which is
massive he is a lab that loves water)

no velcro dog at all except for when I gave the heel command, also I
was working him on 13 and only had to go up to 15 for the water
recall. And he came back tail wagging and everything for his treat,
wooohooo I’m sooo psyched.

I’m now going to train my cousins rottie x staffy with the e-collar,
his untrained mega strong and locked away in a backyard, my cousin
said if I can train him with this he will purchase one and I know it
will work. I know I could train him with other methods but its so
draining because its physically tiring but this is awesome, man I was
shocked how responsive he was on such a low level and I’m still going
to take my time working up and have the leashes attached for at least
2 weeks.

Anyways just wanted to let you know how excited I am and happy with
your dvd as it is an awesome easy way to train.

I’ll send a video in a couple weeks of both dogs my lab was already
highly trained but with selective hearing, but the rottie x is hardly
trained so will be awesome to see how he goes, I’m very patient so it
should be great.

Great job Robin


Stefano and his crew


I certainly appreciate his kinds words but what tickles me the most is that he took the time to research and learn rather than:

a) dismiss the possibility of e-collar training entirely because of the negative hearsay he’d heard.

b) purchase an e-collar and slap it on his dog without first learning how to use it.

Two thumbs up for Stefano plus ball tosses and belly rubs for the dog! Thank you for letting me know how your new training skills are going with the addition of the e-collar.


  • Hi Robin,

    I have a Kelpie/BorderC and she’s a great learner. Coda is already walking with a loose lead but I’d like her to do better walking to heel and to learn some other fun skills. My main goal in e-collar training (haven’t started yet) is to get us both to a place where we’re confident enough to live without a leash on my property. We’re on an unfenced acre+ far from busy roads. Getting to my question…we work together for an hour+ a day, I’m home with her and we walk ~5mi in two separate walks daily. Can I expect this training to get us to off-leash here at home and on hikes, with 100% recall or will I need a more involved training? I’ve seen your 5-disk on GunDog. I’d prefer not buy both. Would one be better for me than the other?

  • today with no leash he recalled away from running towards a dog at the park, mid run he turned around tail wagging and came back. this was the primary reason I looked into e-collar training, people getting angry at me for my dog running up to theres, I should of had him leashed more often but now I don’t have to 🙂
    I’ll hit you up with a video soon

    • Nice work! Now you’ve got him conditioned to an invisible leash and the security you have will bring you great peace of mind…and he gets lots of tail wagging adventures! I’ll look forward to seeing the video.

  • Love my e-collar. I also purchase your DVD’s and used them to transition my dog from the traditional training to doing it all off lead. My dog loves when the e-collar goes on because he knows that means there is an adventure to be had in the field behind us. We also used to to train him to stay out of the street when he is in the front yard with us.

    Thanks to the e-collar we were able to to get a recall when he was stalking a skunk in the yard. That alone is worth it.

    Thanks Robin

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