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Should only professionals be allowed to use electronic training collars?

My friends in the UK at BritishDog sent this note over as an example of the feedback they get from their clients regarding purchasing electronic training collars. British Dog carries a variety of dog training collars & equipment, toys, and dog gear. Our e-mail correspondence started when Wales passed a ban on remote training collars. We were discussing the absurdity of such bans and how limiting tool options doesn’t solve the problem of people become frustrated with their pets and […]

Announcing: The No Nylon Lead Coalition

I realize the headline to the left is upsetting. It is upsetting to me as well. But I would like to use the story from The Daily Record in Wooster, OH to open some discussion regarding dog training and the tools used to achieve that objective. The recent story states that charges were filed after an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper witnessed a man strike his dog an estimated four or five times with a nylon lead in an “attempt […]