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Remote Collar Users: We’d like to hear your side of the story

Some of you may have heard of the petition proposed in Canada for the banning of electronic training equipment. On June 6th Libby Davies of East Vancouver submitted the proposal to Parliament. I would like to think that common sense will prevail and there is little cause for concern. However, I am deeply aware this may not be the case. Emotion is easy to sway and a passion to *do good* or be *part of a movement* can often getRead more “Remote Collar Users: We’d like to hear your side of the story”

Hey Canada, so you want to ban shock collars?

Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East is supporting this ban shock collars petition and presenting to parliament. I have a question for you Ms. Davies and the 1400 who signed this petition…can you please explain your decision to Cindy who has MS and has already tried 3 other trainers and just about gave up on her dog before she found a humane and effective solution with a remote dog training collar. Granted, I understand

Announcing: The No Nylon Lead Coalition

I realize the headline to the left is upsetting. It is upsetting to me as well. But I would like to use the story from The Daily Record in Wooster, OH to open some discussion regarding dog training and the tools used to achieve that objective. The recent story states that charges were filed after an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper witnessed a man strike his dog an estimated four or five times with a nylon lead in an “attemptRead more “Announcing: The No Nylon Lead Coalition”