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The Only Seven Words Your Dog Needs to Know.

I’ve been helping people train their dogs for many years. When someone is new to training there is a lot to learn, which means I’ve heard some questions pretty routinely. One of the common ones is, “What should I say?”  This question comes up when people want to stop the dog from displaying an undesirable behavior, but they aren’t certain what to say. If the dog spots a squirrel and tries to chase it. or darts for the edge ofRead more “The Only Seven Words Your Dog Needs to Know.”

What lens are YOU looking through?

Pet dog trainer, field dog trainer, working k9 handler, service dog trainer, competitive bite sports decoy, competition obedience master. The list of areas of expertise is long. Many areas overlap and intersect – but sometimes important nuances don’t.

The road ahead…

I recently sold the dog training company I founded in May of 1998. That’s My Dog, Inc was a great run for nearly 24 years. Now, there is a new owner, with new visions for the future. I’m happy to see my baby in good hands and thrilled with the transition. Since the announcement of the sale, many people have reached out to either congratulate me on my retirement or ask what’s up next? Because I believe that for every person thatRead more “The road ahead…”

An Inspirational Partnership

There are things in life that give you breath and there are things in life that take it away. Occasionally, you have the rare privilege to have both of those experiences in one brief meeting. That was my dog Tommy. My heart dog. A single being that made my eyes light up and always caused the curve of my mouth to melt into a smile. The dog that gave me courage and joy, laughter and frustration. A dog that taughtRead more “An Inspirational Partnership”

Get your dog business sailing again!

Professional Dog Trainers, is it time to hit the refresh button on your career? Have you been struggling with burn out and you’re ready for some vacation time? Do you feel like your business could be doing better but you’re just not sure how to get there? Then join me for this Education at Sea event! This is the second time I’ll be cruising the Caribbean with the goal of helping you realize your true potential in the training profession.Read more “Get your dog business sailing again!”