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Dog food or Human food? What is the difference?

We just finished up with Thanksgiving and are now full steam ahead into the holiday season. If your household is anything like mine, you probably include your furry friends in the seasonal traditions. Those traditions might include something as simple as walking together to enjoy the sparkling lights, or a special gift under the tree for Fido. Perhaps it’s a bit more complex like posing for photos with Santa while wearing those reindeer antlers!Whatever the tradition is, my guess is […]

The three building blocks for a well behaved dog.

1. Exercise – Because a dog’s naughty behavior is often the result of pent up frustration It is important to remember that dogs have descended from wolves, predators that were on the move for many miles each day. Today’s companion dog no longer needs to hunt to survive, but they still need movement. Unfortunately, far too many dogs are lucky if they get even a short walk around the block each day. Lack of exercise is one of the most […]