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Intermittent fasting for dogs; Habit vs Health

The idea of intermittent fasting has been in vogue for a while, particularly in the human realm. In recent years, even more information has come out about the healing power of giving the digestive system a rest. I personally have used the practice, and I know several friends that do as well. I also recommend intermittent fasting for dogs. But I’ve found that when the topic of intermittent fasting comes up for our furry friends, there is significant resistance to theRead more “Intermittent fasting for dogs; Habit vs Health”

The three building blocks for a well behaved dog.

1. Exercise – Because a dog’s naughty behavior is often the result of pent up frustration It is important to remember that dogs have descended from wolves, predators that were on the move for many miles each day. Today’s companion dog no longer needs to hunt to survive, but they still need movement. Unfortunately, far too many dogs are lucky if they get even a short walk around the block each day. Lack of exercise is one of the mostRead more “The three building blocks for a well behaved dog.”

Dog Camp 2016

Dog Camp 2016 If you love spending time playing with and training your dog, then this Dog Camp is for you. For some time, I have wanted to create a diversified training event geared solely toward the needs of pet dog owners. The goal was to come up with a curriculum that addressed multiple aspects of dog ownership. That intention gave birth to the Dog Camp concept. This camp does not just focus on training but takes a look at theRead more “Dog Camp 2016”

What Is the Word on Shock Collar Safety for Dogs?

Shock Collar Safety for Dogs The question of shock collar safety for dogs is a topic that comes up frequently. Just last month I was in Cleveland, OH working with Bill Wittrock of Obedient Dogs and More. Our group was composed primarily of professional dog trainers but there was a pet dog owner in the crowd that peaked my interest considerably when he shared a personal story during our opening discussion. Joe Golob is a surgeon who also happens toRead more “What Is the Word on Shock Collar Safety for Dogs?”

Citronella No Bark Collars are more Humane than Static Shock Collars?

One of the common complaints I hear from pet owners is about nuisance barking. Fido barks at every jogger, dog, bicycle or passerby that dares to venture past his domain. His protest is loud and clear if a squirrel crosses the yard or if the neighbor kids are playing in the adjacent lot. Even a family member returning home creates a ruckus that hasn’t been matched since we found out Milli Vanilli were lip syncing. This is certainly an unnervingRead more “Citronella No Bark Collars are more Humane than Static Shock Collars?”