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Remote Collar Dog Training workshop in Texas

If you are interested in learning more about remote collar dog training come join us for a two day workshop. Robin MacFarlane will be coming to Texas in May 2013. The workshop is being hosted by On The Ball K9 Training in Denton, Texas so please contact Summer@OnTheBallK9.com for all the details. Get signed up soon if you want a working spot. Bring your dog, their favorite toy and treats, your e-collar, a lawn chair and an attitude ready to […]

How do you use a remote collar for training a dog?

That is a question a lot of people ask, including other Dog Trainers. Using the tool effectively, at a low level to gain and retain a dogs attention is not something everyone intuitively understands, which is why there is such a need for education. Here at That’s My Dog! one of my responsibilities is to oversee our Professional Trainers remote collar course. The final session for the year started this week and it is always fun to meet new friends […]

Remote Collar Dog Training: Six Things That You Need to Know

Tips for Remote Collar Dog Training I spend a lot of time on this blog sharing success stories from people who have used remote collar dog training as part of a balanced training program to rehabilitate their dog. I also spend a fair amount of time expressing my opinions on training in general and talking about what to do if you are thinking about purchasing a remote collar to add to your dog’s training tools. What I try not to do is […]

Who says a 72 year old can’t manage a 90 pound dog? (or a case for remote training collars)

The following words are from a client of The Dog Squad, a dog training company in Oakland, CA that utilizes the remote training collar as one of their training tools. It is fairly brief testimonial but apparently the client was very pleased with the outcome! There were two things that struck me when I read the words below: the age of the client   and the size of the dog.

Remote Collar Dog Training Workshop in Columbus great success

Congratulations go out to another great group of pet owners and professional dog trainers who took the time to learn more about the possibilities of remote collar dog training. We had a wonderful weekend together and all the dogs were delightful!

Professional Dog Trainers seek more info on Remote Collar Training

It is a busy week here at the training center. Four times a year I teach our E-cademy program and this is one of the those times. The E-cademy was created to

What Is the Word on Shock Collar Safety for Dogs?

Shock Collar Safety for Dogs The question of shock collar safety for dogs is a topic that comes up frequently. Just last month I was in Cleveland, OH working with Bill Wittrock of Obedient Dogs and More. Our group was composed primarily of professional dog trainers but there was a pet dog owner in the crowd that peaked my interest considerably when he shared a personal story during our opening discussion. Joe Golob is a surgeon who also happens to […]