Who says a 72 year old can’t manage a 90 pound dog? (or a case for remote training collars)

The following words are from a client of The Dog Squad, a dog training company in Oakland, CA that utilizes the remote training collar as one of their training tools. It is fairly brief testimonial but apparently the client was very pleased with the outcome!

There were two things that struck me when I read the words below: the age of the client   and the size of the dog. remote training collarA woman who is 72 years of age owning a one year old dog that weighs 90 pounds is probably considered a recipe for disaster in most professional trainers opinions. The implications of trying to manage a rambunctious young dog that has energy to burn and the strength to get his way becomes a liability quickly if the owner is not provided an effective means of control. There are likely many professionals who would say this is a serious mismatch and advise the dog be re-homed.

But this is one of many advantages in learning how to use a remote training collar properly…size of the dog in comparison to size and strength of the owner become less of an issue.

Even a small or frail person can have a large dog that quickly learns to walk politely on leash with out any pulling or jump on people. And of course one of the huge bonuses is being able to give the dog adequate off leash exercise because a solid recall is achievable in a matter of a few lessons.

The other thing I was thinking when I read this is; you don’t fool experience. This woman is 72. That is 72 years of acquiring experience and wisdom. If a remote training collar was harmful or caused undue stress to the dog, I don’t think it would take too long for this woman to spot it. I like how Yvonne mentions she thoroughly discussed her options with Steve. That is awesome and exactly what trainers who are educated about e-collars expect and recommend.

We’re confident that a remote training collar is a great option when the person gains knowledge and education of how to use the tool.

A big woof and tail wag to Yvonne and Jeter for learning together!

“After discussing the issue with Steve thoroughly I accepted the use of the remote training collar and Jeter and I went through the lesson with flying colors.

NO YANKING on a pinch collar, NO SORE ARM from trying to train a 90 pound 1 year old pup and FASTER results. These are important to me because I am 72 years old and have arthritis. After only 2 private lessons Jeter was invited to the off leash class lessons in Dublin. What a joy!
I can’t recommend Steve and The Dog Squad highly enough! How about a 10!”

Yvonne S. Oakland, CA

A 10 to you too Yvonne. Having in the initiative to train a ninety pound dog is no small feat. Doing it with a few years under your belt and arthritis….well, our hats are off to you. I’m also glad you met Steve and he was able to show you the benefits a remote training collar could provide!


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