Remote Collar Dog Training Workshop in Columbus great success

Remote collar dog training workshop

Congratulations go out to another great group of pet owners and professional dog trainers who took the time to learn more about the possibilities of remote collar dog training. We had a wonderful weekend together and all the dogs were delightful!

Thank you to the trainers and staff from Kennel Club USA in Johnstown, Ohio. You guys hosted a well organized event and the property and facility is amazing! Dog’s who get to stay and learn with you are very lucky indeed. I hope you found the tips and ideas for working with electronic dog training equipment to be valuable advice that can aid in your quest to help pet owners.

Special thanks to all the dog lovers who joined us for the weekend. Taking the time to learn about tools and techniques that provide your dog more freedom and you more peace of mind shows your level of dedication to the human-canine bond. Everyone did great and I promise to post more pics of your dogs and the work we did here and on the Facebook page.

Thank you also to my daughter for being an excellent assistant and fun traveling companion. It was a good trip and we hope to be back next year.

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