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Two weeks of remote collar training turn mischeivious mates into precious pups again.

How long should it take to have well well-trained, well-behaved dog? For the Earl family, it was eight years of challenges before they found the proper training and techniques to turn their two into a more mannerly duo. However, once they learned about how the electronic collar could help them, it was only two weeks until the problems were solved. They were then on the way to the more enjoyable life they had envisioned with their dogs.

E-collar training: What is the verdict on collar wise?

Today I thought I would share a question from a fellow dog lover about e-collar training and the concept of a dog becoming collar wise. This is always an interesting topic and helps lead all of us to better training habits. My answer is below, but please share your thoughts as well.

Shock collar training? Whoa, would JQP really do that to their dog?

The following testimonial has some pretty strong emotion. I don’t edit these things folks, so don’t shoot the messenger. The moral of the story…well, you will have to read through to the end to find out… To whom it concerns,

Remote dog training collars: Tools of torture or communication devices?

There are many ways to use a remote dog training collar. Unfortunately the first idea that comes to mind for many people is the thought that it is the *biggest hammer* in the tool box and should only be used after all other possibilities have been exhausted. I believe this philosophy

Remote Collar Dog Training Workshop in Columbus great success

Congratulations go out to another great group of pet owners and professional dog trainers who took the time to learn more about the possibilities of remote collar dog training. We had a wonderful weekend together and all the dogs were delightful!

Remote Collar Training Pays Off

Remote collar training for dogs is my area of expertise. And my passion is helping people understand how to use the e-collar in ways that aren’t so, well…… shocking. 😉 In addition to teaching and training here at my facility in Southwest Wisconsin, I spend a fair amount of time on the road traveling and instructing workshops. Here is a small clip from a recent training workshop in Cleveland, OH. The topic for discussion was; does the stimulation need to […]